An exciting Israeli confession.. An investigation that settles the controversy over the assassination of Sherine Abu Aqelah

According to what the investigation revealed, the senior official in the Ministry of Defense told his American counterparts that the killing of journalist Abu Aqleh was a mistake, and that Israel would not announce or officially admit it.

However, the program quoted a British investigator as confirming that the bullets that targeted Sherine Abu Aqelah were not random, but rather deliberate.

The program also met the American expert, Stephen Buck, who analyzed the audio material of the bullets that assassinated Sherine Abu Aqelah, as he confirmed that “the audio analysis of the bullets and their directions settled the controversy over who fired them.”

The American expert confirmed that the shooting was from a distance of about 200 meters from the direction of the Israeli force only.

Abu Aqelah was martyred on May 11, 2022, and investigations by Palestinian, Israeli and international media and human rights organizations concluded that she was shot by the Israeli occupation army while covering its storming of Jenin.

It is noteworthy that on July 4, 2022, the United States issued a statement saying that Abu Aqeela was most likely hit by Israeli fire, but claimed that there was no evidence that her killing was intentional, and that the bullet was so damaged that a “final conclusion” could not be reached. “.

Abu Aqleh’s family then criticized this statement, which Washington claimed was based in part on US reviews of the separate Israeli and Palestinian investigations, and demanded that the family retract it.

While the Palestinian Public Prosecutor had stated that the bullet was of 5.56 mm caliber, and was fired from a semi-automatic sniper rifle of the “Roger Mini-14” model, which is a weapon used by the occupation army.

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