Al-Dahih got married. I wonder if he will continue to be a dahih and may leave a dozen falsehoods

Egyptian YouTuber and media personality Ahmed Al-Ghandour, known as “Al-Dahih”, celebrated his wedding surprisingly on Thursday.

Ahmed Al-Ghandour is considered the most famous simplifier of science and scientific content in Egypt, through his famous program “Al-Dahih”, and he is followed by many.

Followers of “Al-Duhaih” shared snapshots and video clips of his wedding, which came surprisingly, with comments bearing congratulations.

Pictures of Ahmed Al-Ghandour’s wedding were widely circulated on social media, and comments poured in to congratulate the sudden news.

Followers of “Al-Duhaih” interacted with his wedding photos, most of which came with the phrase “Oh my dear” which he repeats a lot on his program, and one of them said jokingly: “Don’t forget when you are going down to look at the sources and take a bag of rubbish.”

The name of Ahmed Al-Ghandour’s wife has not yet been announced, as he appeared in a video clip while waving his hand to the audience, amid comments with a famous sentence from his program that says, “Don’t forget to look at the sources, my dear.”

Ahmed Al-Ghandour is an Egyptian content creator and presenter of the famous “Al-Dahih” program. He studied applied sciences at the American University in Cairo and graduated in 2016. He is currently attending a master’s thesis at the University of Hong Kong.

Ahmed Al-Ghandour, or “Al-Dahih”, aims to simplify science for his audience in Egypt and the Arab world, with topics in the fields of chemistry, biology, physics and technology, and is characterized by an interesting and fun style.