Children’s channel frequencies and how to set them

Children’s channel frequencies and how to set them
Children’s channel frequencies and how to set them

The famous search engine “Google” includes different search words related to distinct children’s channels, as the family generally seeks to include their TV with the latest children’s channels, especially those broadcast on the high-quality Nilesat satellite, and therefore the Arab family wants to update their receiver to the latest, children’s channel frequencies; Which is being searched for in the geography of our Arab region after noticing that one channel and another change its frequency periodically and the purpose of this is to provide the best viewing experience in terms of image and sound quality, and in 2023, we present through the Egypt Five website here the frequencies of children’s channels and how to set them.

Adjust the frequencies of children’s channels

Once you have determined the frequency of the children’s channel that you want to watch, you need to set it to the TV or receiver on this frequency. You can use the remote control that comes with the TV or receiver, press the “menu” button and go to the installation option from the settings, select the search option Manual search, enter the frequency of the children’s channel and then save it, once the setting is complete, you should be able to watch the children’s channel.

kids channels

  • MBC 3 channel: frequency 11559 (vertical), coding 5/6
  • Cartoon Network Channel: Frequency 11277 (vertical), coding 5/6
  • Majid channel: frequency 11411 (horizontal), coding rate 30000; Coding 3/4
  • Toyor Aljanah channel: frequency 11390 (horizontal), coding 5/6

The importance of children’s channels

  • Children’s channels are among the most important channels that specialize in providing entertainment and educational programs aimed at children and families
  • It plays an important role in developing the child’s personality in various fields, such as social, emotional and intellectual values ​​and skills.
  • Some children’s channels also contain interactive content and educational games that help children develop their skills and enhance their mental abilities