I asked him for half of his wealth.. The story of the crisis of Lama Al-Aseel and Basil Khair after a 12-year marriage

The Syrian blogger, Lama Al-Aseel, broke her silence after discovering her husband’s marriage to another woman.

The story of the crisis of Lama Al-Assil and her husband, Basil Khair, after their marriage lasted for 12 years

At the beginning of the video, Lama Al-Assil congratulated her husband on his marriage, saying: A thousand million congratulations, a million congratulations, adding: She separated from him after his marriage to another.

Regarding the details of her divorce from her husband, Basil Khair, Lama Al-Assil demanded half of her ex-husband’s wealth, Basil Khair, by virtue of her obtaining American citizenship, which gives the right to the divorced wife to obtain half of the man’s wealth.

The story of the crisis of Lama Al-Aseel and her husband, Basil Khair

For his part, Basil Khair responded to Lama Al-Aseel’s allegations through a video he posted on Instagram, confirming that she filed a lawsuit against him for divorce 3 months ago, and that is what prompted him to marry Dania Al-Rihawi.

Basil Khair indicated that his relationship with Lama Al-Aseel was very tense during the recent period, and he is currently living with his children in a house, and he meets the needs of his children without needing them.

The story of the crisis of Lama Al-Aseel and her husband, Basil Khair

Lama Al-Aseel married her husband, Basil Khair, in 2011, and the audience knew Basil Khair through his appearance in his wife’s videos on social media.

And this is not the first problem that occurred between the duo, as Lama Al-Aseel and Basil Khair faced many problems, accusing him of treason more than once, and a lawsuit was filed against him, accusing him of marrying a girl 15 years younger than him.

The story of the crisis of Lama Al-Aseel and her husband, Basil Khair

Who is Lama Al-Asil, the wife of Basil Khair?

Lama Al-Aseel has American citizenship, resides in the United States of America, and provides entertaining content about her personal life and daily routine with her children and husband, and the number of her followers exceeded the barrier of 840,000 followers.