The frequency of the new Nile Drama channel 2023 on Nilesat

The frequency of the new Nile Drama channel 2023 on Nilesat
The frequency of the new Nile Drama channel 2023 on Nilesat

The frequency of the new Nile Drama channel, it is one of the oldest and most important Egyptian channels, which specializes in showing Egyptian drama only, as it displays all series, whether old or modern, in order to keep up with all tastes, as the channel adheres to the Egyptian-Arab identity, with its keenness to provide content commensurate with Egyptian customs and oriental traditions, as well as Arab principles, which are keen to delete scenes that contain extraneous words that may anger Egyptian Arab families, and due to the abundance of these features, a family channel has become one of the most important and best Egyptian channels, and in the recent period the frequency of the channel has been updated, so everyone wants Received again to see the added updates.

Receive the Nile Drama channel on the new frequency

  • You can download the Nile Drama channel via the Nilesat satellite.
  • As for the name of the channel on the Nile Drama satellite.
  • While the frequency is 11843.
  • The coding rate is 27500.
  • While the polarization coefficient is vertical.
  • and an automatic error correction coefficient.

About Nile Drama channel

Here is the most important information about the Nile Drama channel:

  • The channel includes a group of stars, media professionals, program presenters, and many of those in charge of management and employees.
  • The channel is working on continuous development and this helped it to rise to the top, as it relies on the best modern machines and equipment in the programs.
  • The channel is free and you do not need to pay subscriptions.
  • It is also affiliated with the Nile Channels series, which includes Nile Drama, Nile Comedy, and Nile Sport.
  • A good and varied entertainment and social media is provided that meets all tastes of viewers and fans of Arab drama in Egypt.

What is the content of the Nile Drama channel?

Since the Nile Drama channel was launched for the first time and began showing Egyptian series, where it displays all the old dramas that date back to the beginning of the 2000s, and due to the large number of followers of that drama, the channel is keen to display it, and from time to time the channel displays some modern series The channel is also keen to show old programs that were presented by the most famous artists at the time, and the main goal of the channel is to return old series, which represent a large part of the history of Egyptian drama.

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