Our Ashdodites in the ‘Protection and Arrow’ operation – Ashdod News

About a week and a half ago, the IDF went on an offensive operation against the Islamic Jihad, and with the start of the operation, vigilance and alertness was raised in general and in the area of ​​the southern maritime space of the sea arm. Time. The control units of the sea arm are responsible for this task, including Corporal Dorian Saban from Ashdod.

Dorian serves in the control fleet in Ashdod and is the eyes for the naval warriors. As part of its role, it directs the naval forces, controls the vessels at sea and prevents hostile sabotage activities with the help of advanced technological systems. For Dorian, the arena in which she serves is the home, because Dorian is a resident of Ashdod.

Dorian describes that the service in the arena is challenging, meaningful and important and has a direct impact on security in the area. With the start of the “Protection and Arrow” operation, the meaning and the mission became sharper for Dorian, because she feels that she is really protecting the house, her family and friends and all the residents of the south. “I feel that I have a lot of responsibility on my shoulders, I am trusted to look after the house I grew up in, my family and friends and the country. It’s a tremendous sense of mission to feel meaningful in my position and to know that what I do directly affects Israel’s security.’

In a different arena, in a different place and on other missions, we meet another Ashdod woman, Private Michelle Kogan from Ashdod – a military officer in the southern district of the Home Front Command who takes a significant part in the “Shield and Arrow” operation.

Michelle is still very young. She is only 19 years old and she started her military service as a fighter in the rescue brigade, but was forced to retire due to an injury. Despite this, Michelle did not give up and wanted to contribute in the most operational way she could. She chose the position of Samb’zit.

Michelle Kogan

For her parents, her role is a source of great pride because she also guards and protects her home directly, through the transmission of reports. Michelle says that since the beginning of the operation, it felt very significant, because she transmitted important reports directly about direct hits of missiles in the homes of the residents of the south.