News and Reports – What is the message sent by Hani Ben Brik to Ben Lazraq?

News and Reports – What is the message sent by Hani Ben Brik to Ben Lazraq?
News and Reports – What is the message sent by Hani Ben Brik to Ben Lazraq?
The leader of the Southern Transitional Council, Sheikh Hani bin Brik, responded to a tweet published by the journalist Fathi bin Lazraq, sending him a message that the transitional government guarantees media freedom.

Ben Brik said: Fathi is a southern brother who knows us and we know him completely. We know his previous southern stances, which were from a pure heart. I never hesitate to say that I cherish and pity him at the same time. Stubbornness and arrogance to which it applies (pride took him to sin).

Bin Brik explained that no matter how upset you are with a big southern person or a larger southern entity, it does not make you hostile to a homeland and an entire people, and creates a bosom, a homeland, and a people for you other than your homeland and your real people.

He pointed out that for us there is no one better than our brother Fathi who serves the transitional and the southern forces with his writings and tweets that are full of inaccuracies. The whole world sees the extent of freedom and the space left to him. Write, my brother Fathi, and no one will attack you. Write, praise be to God. You have proven that freedom of the press in the capital of the south is guaranteed despite all difficult situations. I follow what you write and you know me as I follow every writer who criticizes us.

Ben Brik emphasized that the south accommodates us, O Fathi, with all sincerity, all love, and all affection, even those whom I called elites, may God bless them. In any case, every southerner of this country has the same in it as any southerner. North and do not wipe you alone will intercede for you with them. Habtoor is not deceived by his lips like a prisoner, and if he finds a path and an escape route, or in a field that will be in the next detection of prisoners, he will quickly collapse, but he is poor on the side.

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