Al-Ayyam newspaper – The UN envoy calls on the Security Council to support determining the future of the south

> The UN envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, revealed in a briefing to the Security Council yesterday, Wednesday, that he had held meetings with southern politicians, stressing the need to determine the future of the south and Yemen in general within a process under the auspices of the United Nations.

Yesterday evening, Wednesday, the UN Security Council held a session on developments in Yemen, with the participation of the UN envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg.

The UN envoy briefed the Security Council on developments in the south, foremost of which was the consultative meeting held by the southern forces and components recently, stressing the need to give special importance to the issue of determining the future of the south and to include it within the comprehensive settlement of the Yemeni file.

The ambassadors of the permanent members of the Security Council and a number of officials of the United Nations relief agencies operating in Yemen also participated in the session.

The UK Ambassador to Yemen, Richard, affirmed his country’s readiness to play a role in the UN Security Council to ratify any new resolution related to the political settlement in Yemen, including determining the future of the south and lifting the sanctions imposed on parties in Yemen.

Two days ago, the British ambassador had revealed a set of steps that could be agreed upon with the Security Council to support peace efforts in Yemen, most notably defining the future of the south and lifting sanctions without specifying the people from whom sanctions can be lifted.

He pointed out that any political deal in Yemen must economically include sharing the scattered resources, according to him, and addressing long-term political issues such as the southern issue as part of any upcoming political settlement.

The British ambassador affirmed that the Security Council supports the position of the Presidential Leadership Council regarding the southern issue and that it needs to be addressed as part of the political settlement.

The ambassador welcomed the Saudi-Iranian agreement and everything that would calm tensions in the region, and said, “It is important to know whether there is any real change in Iran’s role in Yemen,” appreciating the Saudi-Omani mediation efforts, which he considered an important step towards peace.