“Send stray dogs to war in Ukraine”

“Send stray dogs to war in Ukraine”
“Send stray dogs to war in Ukraine”

To send stray dogs as attack dogs to the war in Ukraine. This is the proposal submitted this week by a member of parliament in Russia. Anton Gershchenko, an adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, responded to the proposal on his Twitter account and wrote: “Just in case you were wondering about the level of madness in Russia.”

“We have a lot of dog behavior researchers in the country, who can teach the dogs to perform all kinds of skills,” said the member of parliament, who submitted a proposal to the Russian army “to recruit aggressive stray dogs to rescue the wounded and attack.”

He added that those experts “can train large, aggressive dogs and send them to the special military operation zone (the Russians’ definition of their invasion of Ukraine) to help rescue the wounded and take part in clearing mines.” In addition, it was said that they can be used as attack dogs against the Ukrainian forces.

In this way the Russian army will be able to receive a large amount of dogs and in addition it will be a solution, as they explain it in Russia, to the problem of stray dogs. As expected, in Ukraine they attacked the proposal and called it “Russian madness”. Beyond that, they emphasized the proposal to show how serious the situation of the Russians in Ukraine is.

The Russian army operates dogs in Ukraine, most of them as part of the special units and professional units, such as for clearing mines. One of those dogs made headlines after the Russians abandoned him.

Dogs in the Ukrainian army | Photo: ANATOLII STEPANOV/AFP

In May 2022, Ukrainian fighters who took over a position that belonged to Russia’s special forces, found an abandoned Belgian shepherd in bad condition. This is an abandoned military dog. They adopted him and since then he serves in the Ukrainian army and helps in the detection of charges and mines.

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