Admit that you didn’t think about them: the 5 worst foods for teeth

Admit that you didn’t think about them: the 5 worst foods for teeth
Admit that you didn’t think about them: the 5 worst foods for teeth

Ever since we were little, we have always been told how important it is to brush our teeth to keep them healthy and to be able to smile a bright, black smile. Is it enough? Dr. Sam Jethwa, a London-based dentist and founder of Bespoke Smile, reveals five foods that he believes people should avoid in order to keep their teeth healthy.

Pork cracklings, also known as pork rinds

The crunchy addition can cause cracks in the teeth that can eventually lead to decay.

“Cracks are usually caused by bite problems, but often they are caused by eating foods like crackers or biting into popcorn kernels, which is why I try to avoid all of those,” Jathva told the Daily Mail.

“Particles of these crunchy foods can also get stuck in the crevices of the teeth, causing decay over time.”


Although they’re considered a healthy snack, Jethwa claims that biting into pitted olives can harm your gums.

“Most of these cracks go unnoticed by dentists because dentists are not trained to detect them until post-graduate studies which is not part of the regular training,” he explained. “In fact, it’s such a serious problem in the UK that I have an academy that trains dentists,” he added.

According to Jatva, aging plays a factor in the weakening of the teeth and the olive rule actually applies to all fruits that have pits, including cherries, dates and peaches.

hard candies

The sugar and sticky, hard texture of the candies can cause teeth to break, Jathva warned. “The fact that they are meant to stay in the mouth for a long time means that the sugar will penetrate directly into the teeth for an extended period of time, causing tooth decay and cavities.”

Turmeric latte drink

The drink, which has become a hit in hipster cafes in the UK, can stain your teeth. The combination of milk, nuts and turmeric root may cause the teeth to change color. “Teeth tend to change color and the appearance of stains is very common, but turmeric can be especially problematic for people who have recently undergone teeth whitening,” said the doctor. “After the whitening treatment, the teeth may be at increased risk of staining.”


“I would never eat toffee because it’s terrible for the teeth,” said Jethwa. “The fact that they are so chewy makes them stick to the teeth for a longer time than most foods, meaning they are more likely to cause decay.”

“Their sticky texture can also pose huge problems for people who have fillings, crowns, complex connections or braces, because they can dislodge them,” he added.