Newspaper: New procedures for the exit of gold bars with travelers from Kuwait Airport

Newspaper: New procedures for the exit of gold bars with travelers from Kuwait Airport
Newspaper: New procedures for the exit of gold bars with travelers from Kuwait Airport

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Posted on: Thursday, May 18, 2023 – 8:28 AM | Last updated: Thursday 18 May 2023 – 8:28 AM

The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Anbaa said that citizens and residents traveling from Kuwait abroad, who are accompanied by gold bars, must obtain a statement issued regarding these bars from the Air Cargo Customs Department at Kuwait Airport before traveling, in the framework of adherence to the applicable customs procedures.
And the newspaper stated this evening, Wednesday, quoting an informed source, that it has become noticeable that large quantities of gold have left with travelers during the recent period.
And the newspaper added that traveling with gold bars has only one meaning: that the traveler who carries them has turned the value of his money into gold; This is a matter that must be dealt with customs in the context in force in order to protect the traveler himself before anything, as he must bring an invoice proving his ownership of the gold bars, in addition to his identification papers and submit to the Air Cargo Customs Department a day before traveling to prove the bars he will carry with him during the flight. Upon his arrival at the airport, he presents the statement issued to the customs inspectors and completes his journey with ease.
Regarding the application of a limit to the quantity that must be disclosed, the newspaper indicated that any gold bars or pounds, regardless of their size, small or large, must be disclosed and obtained a statement issued in them, as they are not artifacts or jewelry for personal use, as the bars are known to be a process of conversion from currency to currency. gone and then monetized again in another country, which must be subject to scrutiny.
With regard to submitting a statement issued for the artifacts, the newspaper confirmed – quoting the source – that the gold artifacts that women carry for personal use when traveling is a relative matter, if they are in reasonable quantities that are used as adornment; The matter does not require a statement issued by the traveler, but if the quantities that the woman wears are exaggerated in her weight, then the matter here requires that she go through the natural procedures, including obtaining a statement issued for those items.
The source mentioned that the unified guide to customs procedures in Kuwait requires the recognition and disclosure of currencies, bearer-negotiable financial instruments, precious metals or precious stones convertible into cash to all travelers arriving and departing from Kuwait, which exceed the permissible limit.