What is the relationship between corona vaccines and the sudden death of young celebrities?

Source: Arabic

With the increasing number of sudden deaths, especially in the youth category, which recently witnessed the death of the Saudi artist Fahd Al Hayyan and before him the Egyptian artist Mustafa Darwish and others, questions were raised about the relationship of Covid-19 or Corona and its vaccines to the matter.

In this regard, Dr. Islam, a consultant in cardiovascular diseases, said that the Corona era taught us that Covid-19 disease may cause an increase in coagulation rates in the body, and may lead to heart attacks or may cause pulmonary embolism for those affected.
As for vaccines, he said in a phone call to the “Your Interaction” program broadcast on “Al-Arabiya” channel, that talking about the negative effects of vaccines and the possibility of them causing clots of all kinds is scientifically thorny, pointing out that the cases related to vaccines are cases of people who already have a physical predisposition to the occurrence of such a type. From clotting, whether it is cardiac, pulmonary, or other places in the body, which is similar to a condition that can be caused by blood thinners such as aspirin, and it is known that it thins the blood, unlike what happens to some people because of it.

Dr. Islam pointed out that usually such aforementioned condition does not cause sudden cardiac arrest, as most of the observations are cases of blood clotting and pulmonary or heart clots without any sudden cardiac arrest, believing, based on scientific reasons, that those who were subjected to death in this way had a physical predisposition. Whether it is hereditary or genetic for the occurrence of such heart attacks.

He concluded by saying that it has not yet been scientifically proven that vaccines are the main or direct cause of heart attacks, sudden cardiac arrest, or sudden death.