Hebrew News – New life for 50 women: Kim Kardashian’s exciting step

New life for 50 women: Kim Kardashian’s exciting move

In recent years, the reality star has been working to help people who were imprisoned for nothing or who are trying to rehabilitate after prison. Recently, she took a particularly surprising and touching step, and gave 50 women a chance for a new life, here are all the details

In honor of International Mother’s Day this week, Kim Kardashian decided to help 50 mothers who are in rehabilitation after prison or on parole, and give them financial help that can change their lives for the better and get them out of the circle of crime.

The 42-year-old reality star teamed up with Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin, who is also the chairman of an organization working to change probation and parole policies across the U.S., to pay the legal fees for more than 50 mothers. Across the country. Those women’s legal expenses, accrued after being placed on probation or parole, can pose a significant challenge to the progress they can make and the opportunities they can offer their children.

Each of the women who have received Kim’s help has a proven track record of rehabilitation and success while under supervision, and many have the support of their supervisors. The only barrier to this freedom is the financial obligations accumulated during the rehabilitation period. “Thousands of mothers are stuck in this cycle just because they can’t afford to pay their compensation, fines and fees,” Kardashian wrote on her TikTok page. “While they are on probation they are at constant risk of returning to prison – not for committing a crime but for technical violations such as missing a meeting with their probation officer.”

By paying the compensation Kardashian and Rubin hope to “give these women the second chance they have honestly earned.” In a video she posted on Instagram and TikTok, Kardashian, Robyn and Jessica Jackson of the REFORM Alliance met and spoke with three of the mothers who were chosen to receive the payments: Danielle, Drew and Tralexus. Each of them expressed their deep gratitude for the donation.

“It’s going to take a lot of financial and emotional pressure off of me, and I really appreciate it,” Tralexos said after being told the fees would be taken care of. Drew told Kardashian and Robyn, “It’s not just making a difference, it’s life-changing. I don’t even know where to begin to express my gratitude. I’m going to do so many things with this new freedom.” Daniela also expressed her gratitude for their help. “Thank you very much. It means so much to me. I shouldn’t be punished because I couldn’t afford to pay it.”

“I hope this little bit can continue to motivate you and push you to exactly where you’re meant to be,” Kardashian told the mothers. “It’s hard to understand what these mothers have to go through,” Kim said in a press release. “All they want is the chance to rebuild their lives, yet our system keeps them stuck in an endless cycle of supervision. I want to do my part to give these women the second chance they’ve earned.”

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