Stay tuned for the most violent.. The Dutch seismologist returns with a terrifying warning!

The controversial scientist predicts that the geometry of the planets during today and tomorrow may lead to violent and high-risk seismic activities

Published in: May 20, 2023: 09:35 AM GST
Last updated: May 20, 2023: 09:58 AM GST

The Dutch seismologist, Frank Hogrebits, returns to warn again of earthquakes linked to the movement of the planets and the geometry that arises with the Earth, which causes seismic activities.

In his latest warnings, the controversial scientist predicted that planetary geometry during Saturday (May 20) and Sunday (May 21) could lead to violent and high-risk seismic activities.

And he attached his warning to a video clip of his expectations at the expense of the geological body that follows it, “SSGEOS”, in which he stated that the geometry of the planets and the moon on May 20 and 21 could lead to a seismic increase within six degrees, and perhaps a stronger seismic event in the range of May 22.

And before that, he warned of seismic activities that may exceed 8 degrees on the Richter scale, due to the movements of the planets Mars and Saturn, with the growth of that danger during the next few months, to reach its peak in August.

He tweeted, “We are slowly entering a time of increased potential for M 8+ seismic activity. Watch the time of this geometry (90-90 and 45-135) between Mars and Saturn grow shorter in the next few months. This geometry will peak in August and it will be very critical.”

The Dutch scientist’s warnings coincided with a 7.1-magnitude earthquake that struck, Saturday, the Pacific Ocean east of New Caledonia, according to what the US Geological Survey announced, the day after a strong earthquake occurred in the same region. The same source stated that the earthquake was monitored at a depth of 35 km, about 300 km east of the coast of Caledonia.

And Friday, an earthquake of magnitude 7.7 on the Richter scale occurred in the Pacific Ocean, 300 km southeast of New Caledonia, where the coast was temporarily evacuated due to the risk of a tsunami. The earthquake raised fears of a tsunami on the coast of New Caledonia, as well as in some coastal areas of Vanuatu.

Hogrbit’s repeated warnings caused panic around the world, especially after he predicted several times the occurrence of earthquakes or tremors before they actually occurred over the past few weeks, and linked his predictions to the movements and alignment of the planets, the most important of which was his prediction of the devastating earthquake that struck Turkish lands on the 6th. Since last February, which caused more than 50,000 deaths and tens of thousands of wounded and homeless. Hogrepets predicted that earthquake would occur three days in advance.

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