Algeria stresses the importance of mobilizing Arab funds to face challenges

The Algerian Prime Minister, Ayman bin Abdel Rahman, inaugurated the 32nd Arab Summit in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on Friday, on behalf of the Algerian President, Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

The Algerian Prime Minister said: “Algeria was honored to host the 31st session of the Arab Summit, in extremely complex regional and international circumstances, in addition to the outbreak of the Ukrainian crisis, which put the world in a state of increasing polarization, and faced new challenges in energy and food security.”

He called for “mobilizing Arab financing energies, especially the Arab Monetary Fund and the existing Arab funds, to help member states that are in dire need of this assistance to enable them to overcome these difficult international circumstances.”

He added, “On the Arab level, Algeria will organize this month the first scientific symposium on food security in the Arab world, in the presence of senior experts and specialists to come up with scientific and practical proposals.”

“Algeria put the Arab summit under the slogan of reunification…and contributed to achieving Palestinian reconciliation and Syria’s restoration of its natural seat in the Arab League, thanks to the tireless efforts that have been made,” he added.

With regard to the Palestinian issue, the Algerian Prime Minister said: “We continued efforts at the United Nations level to mobilize the necessary support in order to expand the base of international recognition of the State of Palestine, and its obtainment of full membership in the United Nations.”

He called on “the international community to shoulder its historical, political, legal, moral and humanitarian responsibilities towards the Palestinian people, to put an end to the intransigence of the Israeli occupation… and to take measures to put an end to the settlement policy.”

He stressed, “Algeria’s rejection of all punitive measures and calls for their abolition … amid an international inability to ensure international protection for the Palestinian people and their sanctities.”

He called on the international community to “stop the attacks and put an end to the systematic Israeli settlement.”

The Algerian Prime Minister welcomed the improvement of relations between Arab countries and between Iran and Turkey, in the interests of the region.

With regard to Sudan, he called for an end to the fighting and bloodshed and a return to the peaceful path.

At the end of his speech, Ben Abdel Rahman, on behalf of President Tebboune, handed over the work of the 32nd summit to the Saudi Crown Prince.

It is noteworthy that the US State Department denounced Syria’s return to the Arab League, stressing that Washington rejects normalization with Assad and that the sanctions will remain in force against his regime.

Commenting on the confirmation of Assad’s participation in the Arab summit, US State Department deputy spokesman Vedant Patel told Al-Hurra on Wednesday: “We do not believe that Syria deserves re-admission to the Arab League at this time. This is a point we have made clear to all our partners.”

Patel added that, despite this, “we share with our Arab partners many goals with regard to Syria, including reaching a solution to the Syrian crisis in accordance with Security Council Resolution 2254, expanding humanitarian access to all Syrians in need, and building security and stability to ensure that ISIS does not emerge from New, creating safe conditions for the return of refugees, releasing and revealing the fate of those unjustly detained and missing, limiting Iranian influence, and combating Captagon smuggling from Syria.

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