The Zionist aggression continues on Gaza for the fifth day…

The Zionist aggression continues on Gaza for the fifth day…
The Zionist aggression continues on Gaza for the fifth day…

With the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip entering its fifth day, the Israeli occupation warplanes destroyed at dawn today, Saturday, two houses in Al-Shujaiya neighborhood and Yarmouk Street in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian sources reported that the Israeli warplanes bombed a house belonging to the Muhanna family in Yarmouk Street in the center of Gaza City, injuring 3 Palestinians, which were described as light. . The occupation planes also carried out a series of raids on agricultural lands in Rafah and Gaza.

In parallel, the Palestinian factions resumed this morning firing rockets towards the occupation settlements bordering the Gaza Strip. The enemy’s media also announced that sirens sounded in “Meflasim” and the beaches of “Ashkelon Netiv Ha’asara”.

In the latest outcome of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, the Ministry of Health announced the death of 33 Palestinians, including 6 children and 3 women, and the injury of 147 others.

In the same context, the “Islamic Jihad” movement vowed today to respond to the assassination of Iyad al-Hassani, the central operations official in the “Quds Brigades” and a member of its military council. And the “Islamic Jihad” movement said in a statement obituating the martyr al-Hassani, “We affirm the continuation of the resistance as a consistent approach that we do not deviate from and do not abandon it, regardless of the sacrifices, and we affirm that our response to this crime will continue,” adding that “Al-Hassani rose as a martyr after an Israeli bombardment that he was exposed to while carrying out his duties.” Jihadism in managing the battle for the revenge of the free. The “Islamic Jihad” also mourned Muhammad Walid Abdel-Al, the companion of the path of the martyr al-Hassani. And the Israeli occupation planes assassinated the leader, Al-Hassani, in an Israeli raid on a residential apartment in Al-Nasr neighborhood in Gaza City.

For his part, a Palestinian government official in Gaza warned that the work of the only power plant would stop working within 72 hours, as fuel quantities are about to run out in light of the continued closure of the Kerem Shalom crossing. This came during a press conference held by Salama Maarouf, Head of the Government Media Office in Gaza, at Al-Shifa Medical Complex.
Maarouf warned against the continued closure of the crossings and preventing the entry of fuel needed for the power plant, pointing out that the station’s management had to “stop one of the three power-generating turbines to prolong its operation,” as it is expected to stop completely within 72 hours. Maarouf also called on the international community to stand up to its responsibilities towards what is happening in the Gaza Strip, noting that the Israeli army destroyed about 8 buildings, adding that about 532 housing units were damaged, of which 37 were uninhabitable and 495 were partially or severely damaged.

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