Cases exempt from school transportation fees 1444 and eligibility criteria for service

Cases exempted from school transportation fees, through the Noor system that follows the Saudi Ministry of Education, facilitates the process of students registering for school transportation during the school year, and the Ministry works to monitor student transportation operations regularly and ensure the use of safe and well-equipped means of transportation, in addition to qualified drivers and holders of legal driving licenses The Noor system for school transportation helps reduce traffic congestion during the going and returning hours for students and reduces fuel consumption. The system also provides comfort and reassurance to parents, as they know that their children are in safe hands.

Cases exempted from school transportation fees

The Saudi Ministry of Education has clarified a number of cases in which individuals can be exempted from paying the costs of the school transportation service, and these cases include the following:

  • If the student belongs to a family eligible for social security.
  • If the male or female student has special needs and disabilities.
  • If male or female students belong to integration schools.

Service eligibility criteria

The Saudi Ministry of Education has approved a set of standards for obtaining school transportation service, and these standards include:

  • Preferring young children to accept their requests.
  • Giving preference to female students over male students.
  • Consider the social status of the male and female students’ families.
  • Identify students who live far from the school.
  • Taking into account the standard of the minimum number of passengers required.
  • Acceptance of the application based on the topography of the area inhabited by the student.
  • The distance between the student’s place of residence and the school should not exceed 90 minutes.

Registration fees for the school transportation service

  • The Noor system affiliated with the Saudi Ministry of Education announced setting registration fees for the school transportation service for the academic year 1444 AH at 200 Saudi riyals per student for the entire academic year.
  • The Ministry urged those wishing to register their children in this service to expedite the registration before the limited seats available with the company run out.
  • It is noteworthy that, in conjunction with the approaching start of the new school year, parents are interested in arranging the means of transportation for their children to and from school, and the process of reserving seats is carried out in the Noor school transport system, where a comparison is made between applicants to choose the best.

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