Reports of a plane crash at the Spanish Air Force base

Reports of a plane crash at the Spanish Air Force base
Reports of a plane crash at the Spanish Air Force base

Initial reports from Spain (Saturday) about a fighter plane that crashed at the air base in Zaragoza around 12:00, local time. According to the reports, the Spanish Air Force pilot who was flying the plane, a type 18-F, managed to abandon the plane in the air before it crashed and turned into a ball of fire.

According to the reports, the pilot was taken to the military hospital in the city when he was injured and his condition is unclear at this time. It performed maneuvers during a training sortie in preparation for an air show scheduled for June 10. It was checked whether human error resulted in a loss of control or a technical fault.

A recording of the moment the plane crashed and the resulting fireball went up on social media and one of the surfers who tweeted it claimed to have witnessed the crash. “I saw the pilot jump out of the plane.” It also appears from the reports that the local police and rescue forces in Zaragoza confirmed the plane crash. Their messages indicate that the plane crashed inside the Spanish Air Force base, without endangering civilians.

The Zaragoza air force base, where the crash happened, is in northeastern Spain. The Spanish Air Force has 84 F-18 multi-mission fighter jets which are the main part of their combat arm, along with about 70 Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets. The main task of the corps is the defense of Spain when they are also part of NATO missions.

An 18-F plane of the Spanish Air Force, from NATO forces|Photo: Horacio Villalobos #Corbis/Getty Images

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