Clashes with heavy weapons in Omdurman..and battles raging in Darfur

Clashes with heavy weapons in Omdurman..and battles raging in Darfur
Clashes with heavy weapons in Omdurman..and battles raging in Darfur

The battles centered around the radio and television perimeter, as explosions were heard in the surrounding areas.

Eyewitnesses also reported that the city of Nyala in the state of South Darfur witnessed fierce battles around the command of the 16th Division of the Sudanese army, leaving civilians dead and injured.

On Friday, the Sudanese army issued a statement saying:

  • After its failed attempts to seize power by force in the country’s capital, the rebel militia tried to attack the leadership of the (16th) Infantry Division, Nyala. Our forces confronted them with force and achieved heavy losses to the enemy, hundreds of dead and wounded, and the destruction of dozens of armed vehicles and the elimination of a large number of snipers, and the rest of them are being hunted down.
  • Our forces dealt strikes against gatherings of the rebel militia in the south Omdurman In central Khartoum and Bahri, the rebels inflicted dozens of deaths and injuries, and destroyed a number of armed vehicles.
  • Cases of escape have been reported in large numbers of rebels heading to the west of the country on civilian vehicles stolen from citizens and loaded with loot. The rebels are trying to compensate for the escape with attempts to recruit young people in the capital in exchange for inducements. in sums of money big.
  • The rebel militia continues to practice its terrorist behavior of terrorizing citizens, seizing their homes by force, looting property and systematically sabotaging public facilities.
  • Our forces are carefully monitoring the enemy’s movements inside the capital, and we confirm their full readiness to deal decisively with the observed intentions of the enemy.

According to witnesses, on Friday, air strikes targeted areas in eastern Khartoum, and they heard the sound of anti-aircraft weapons used by the Rapid Support Forces.

The regions of Bahri and East of the Nile on the other side of the Nile were attacked Khartoum Air raids last night and Friday morning.

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