Pictures published for the first time.. Unbearable methods of torture in Guantanamo

Although many years have passed since the establishment of the Guantanamo prison, amid the international and human rights criticisms that surrounded this prison located in Guantanamo Bay in the far southeast of Cuba, the mystery still surrounds many of the methods of torture that were practiced behind its closed cells.

However, a detainee there, called “Abu Zubaydah”, presented for the first time dozens of drawings that he wrote with her hand about the methods of torture he was subjected to in this American detention camp, as part of what was known as the CIA torture program after September 11.

Abu Zubaydah’s fees included in the report

And those drawings, which numbered 40 live now, constituted the most comprehensive and detailed account of the brutal methods he was subjected to at the hands of the CIA, between 2002 and 2006, according to what was reported by the British newspaper, The Guardian.

It also prompted the United Nations to demand his release, stressing that these methods are inconsistent with all international laws.

Rape and drowning

The pictures that Abu Zubaydah wrote and later sent to one of his lawyers, Professor Mark Denbo, showed horrific acts of violence, sexual and racial insults, and prolonged psychological terror to which the detainees were subjected.

The aforementioned lawyer, along with his students at the Policy and Research Center at Seton Hall University School of Law, collected Zubaydah’s photographs and testimonies in a comprehensive report on torture in this notorious prison and other secret intelligence detention centers.

Denbo said: “Abu Zubaydah is the first victim of the American torture program, after it was approved by the US Department of Justice based on facts that the CIA knew were wrong,” as he put it.

Drawings from Abu Zubaydah

It is noteworthy that Abu Zubaydah, 52, was arrested in Pakistan in March 2002, then he was transferred between several secret intelligence locations, whether in Poland or Lithuania, and others, until he landed in Guantanamo in 2006, where he has been detained since then without Prosecution or proof of his involvement in any crime.


His meticulously drawn images showed masked agents physically threatening him with rape.

It also showed other violent methods of torture and force-feeding, as well as holding the detainee in a coffin-like place and dousing it with water, or placing headphones on his ears and raising the volume to the maximum extent that a human mind can bear.

Abu Zubaydah's fees included in the report

Abu Zubaydah’s fees included in the report

It showed how the man in his fifties was tied with iron chains naked in front of his interrogators, some of whom were female, in order to humiliate him.

He was also subjected to simulated drowning 83 times.

About that experience, he wrote to his lawyer, “I was terrified of drowning all day.”

According to the 2014 Senate report summary, at least 119 individuals have fallen victim to this horrific program at Guantanamo.