Russia is stopping power supply to Finland, which is not disturbed

Russia is stopping power supply to Finland, which is not disturbed
Russia is stopping power supply to Finland, which is not disturbed

The Russian electricity company RAO Nordic has announced that it will stop supplying electricity to Finland starting today, following “payment problems”, after receiving no payment for previous shipments, she said. The Finnish electricity company, Fingrid, said that Russia supplies only a small percentage of the country’s electricity, and that it can find alternatives.

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On Thursday, Russia threatened to take “punitive measures” after Finland announced its intention to join the NATO alliance. Finland has a 1,300-kilometer common border with Russia, and it has previously stayed out of NATO to avoid angering its eastern neighbor.

But since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine there has been an increase in public support for NATO membership in the country. Tomorrow Finland is expected to officially announce its decision to join the alliance. The RAO decision has not been explicitly linked to this. Where we supply electricity. ”

Last month, Russia halted gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland after the two refused to meet its demand to pay in rubles, a demand that follows Western sanctions. This week, the Russian company Gazprom announced that it would stop supplying gas through the Polish part of the Yamel-Europe pipeline.

Fingrid said she does not expect power outages as a result of the power outage, as only about 10% of Finland’s electricity comes from Russia. “Stopping the import of electricity from Russia will be compensated by importing more electricity from Sweden, and producing more electricity in Finland,” said Reima Feibinen, senior vice president of energy systems operations at Pingrid.

The demand for electricity is declining as the weather in the country warms, and in addition a significant amount of energy produced through wind is also expected to enter the system. A new nuclear power plant, which is expected to open in the summer, is also expected to easily compensate for Russian supplies, Fingrid said.

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