Zakharova to Sky News Arabia: Western support for Ukraine will turn against them

Zakharova to Sky News Arabia: Western support for Ukraine will turn against them
Zakharova to Sky News Arabia: Western support for Ukraine will turn against them

In an exclusive interview with “Sky News Arabia”, Zakharova said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stressed that Moscow “will continue its military operation until achieving the goals that it has set for this, which is something that all Russian leaders stress.”

She added that “Kyiv brought the negotiations to a dead end without responding to the Russian response and the solutions Moscow is offering to end the crisis.”

And she continued, “Ukraine, which is known for its former borders, no longer exists and will not return. As for the referendums that are being talked about, it is the matter of the residents of the regions where the issue interacts. We have called on the international community for years to use its political, diplomatic and economic influence to bring Kyiv to the negotiating table, and implement what the Ukrainian president took on It is his responsibility under the Minsk agreements. In our statements and comments, we invited everyone who could influence Kyiv to participate, but not everyone was indifferent to what we pleaded with him.”

A spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry accused the West of thwarting the negotiating process, adding that this was “in parallel with supplying Kyiv with weapons, sending military advisors, and conducting regular NATO exercises, even though Ukraine is not part of the alliance. All of this was planned with the aim of creating this situation and resolving it militarily.”

Regarding Western support for Ukraine, Zakharova said: “Europe should be aware that the weapons it sends to Ukraine will return to it through the black market, because Zelensky no longer controls anything, and military operations are managed by military advisers, the British among them first. Zelensky plays the role of Only the president, and he spends his day acting in front of the camera and recording videos.”

Zakharova was surprised by the West’s talk about the reconstruction of Ukraine while they continue to supply it with weapons, stressing that “the weapons sent to Ukraine and the fighters prolong the Russian operation and the conflict in Ukraine.”

Russia’s media targeting

Regarding Russia’s accusation of causing a global food crisis, Zakharova explained that there is “a media campaign targeting Russia by accusing it of being behind the food crisis in the world despite the rise in food prices over the past two years, according to what international organizations data show due to the Corona pandemic and high energy prices.”

And she added, “If we approach the issue from the perspective of the Ukraine crisis, then look at what Kyiv has done, which has planted mines in the Black Sea, and does not want to remove them. So what has Russia to do with the matter?! ports”.

relationship with Washington

In response to a question about relations with the United States, Zakharova said: “We have nothing left but official technical contacts between the embassies. Of course, there are still diplomatic relations because their break is a very serious issue, but what is really left is not much. For years, Washington has struck a fabric Our bilateral relations. Moscow has not reached a critical degree of relations with one of them on its own, and has always tried to emphasize the necessity of dialogue and the use of diplomatic tools to settle outstanding issues, but the West is the one who chose to bypass diplomacy and resolve differences by force.

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