Sex and intrigue in the British Army: Group sex videos leaked to the net

Videos of group sex by British paratroopers with one woman leaked to the net – provoking public outrage • The British military commander criticized the behavior, noting that it was a violation of the army’s basic values ​​• “and


| Posted 18/06/22 14:22

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Storm in the British Army: Hundreds of paratroopers have been told they will not take part in a major annual NATO exercise to be held in the Balkans in the near future, although preparations have already been made.

The Chief of Staff of the United Kingdom, General Patrick Sanders, sent a message to the soldiers and commanders of the 16th Paratroopers Brigade announcing that he had decided not to send them to the great exercise in the Balkans. He said he expressed concern about “endangering the mission and reputation of the British Army” in an incident involving many soldiers from foreign armies.

Sex videos leaked to the net over the past month show at least eight paratroopers having group sex with a woman who is suspected of sneaking into the base. The video also shows that dozens of other soldiers watched the event in real time.

The British military police have determined that the soldiers involved did not commit a criminal act, but General Sanders has ruled that the action clearly “harms a woman” and this is contrary to military principles. The Times reported that the same woman had sneaked into the base 31 different times in the past five months.

Soldiers in the British Army | Photo: Jeff J Mitchell, Getty Images

It was further reported that the incident came after a series of serious conduct offenses in the unit. For example, the unit’s fighters behaved “inappropriately” as part of an international exercise they participated in in northern Macedonia, alongside soldiers from other units.

General Sanders’ statement read: “My message to the military is clear – our license to operate is based on trust and confidence and we must meet the highest standards.” He added that such behavior was “unacceptable, detrimental and detrimental to the military’s reputation”.

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