Withdraw a free bac convocation 2023 bac convocation National Court link

Withdraw a free bac convocation 2023 bac convocation National Court link
Withdraw a free bac convocation 2023 bac convocation National Court link

Withdrawal of a free baccalaureate summons, many male and female students who will take exams in the next few days in the state of Algeria are looking for a way to withdraw and extract the baccalaureate summons for the year 2023, as there are a few days until the exams, which is approximately one month, and after that they will take the exams, as he The student can withdraw their summons for the baccalaureate through the National Court website, and through the following lines we will learn about the summoning of a free baccalaureate link to the National Court.

Withdrawal of the baccalaureate summons in 2023 through the National Bureau website

All male and female students can obtain the electronic baccalaureate summons in the State of Algeria through the following steps:

  • First, go to the official website Ministry of National Education.
  • Second, search for the baccalaureate result link, or search for the baccalaureate summons.
  • Third, enter all the information required of you, which includes the registration number, the national number, and the name of the student.
  • Fourth, wait until the link for the call and its data appears.
  • Fifthly, click on the call link to download and print the document.

Link to the 2023 baccalaureate call-up website

Baccalaureate call page for 2023 All students can access this page through this link https://bac.onec.dz/In order to withdraw the summons, and also all students can withdraw the summons through the official digitization website for the space of the students’ parents, and you should be aware that the specific procedures and steps for extracting and withdrawing the electronic baccalaureate summons differ between the states of Algeria, as there are some steps that are done manually when submitting the documents The documents are in the school where the exam will take place, so you should contact the specific school in order to find out the procedures for submitting the documents.

The deadline for withdrawing the baccalaureate call for the year 2023

On May 7th to May 18th, the exams for physical and physical education for intermediate education begin, as the summons are withdrawn from May 16th to June 15th of 2023, as there is one month in order to withdraw the summons from the start date of the test, as the specified date The process of withdrawing the summons for the baccalaureate certificate will start in the middle of May 2023 to June 15 for the 2023 saliva, so the date specified for the baccalaureate exams for all divisions and departments for the year 2023 starts from June 11 to June 15 of the year 2023.

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