Researchers reveal the reason for “hearing” the voices of the dead

Researchers reveal the reason for “hearing” the voices of the dead
Researchers reveal the reason for “hearing” the voices of the dead

Researchers have found the reasons why some people say they hear the voices of the dead, according to Science Alert.

The researchers concluded that traits may make a person more likely to claim to hear the voices of the dead.

The site said that people who pretend to hear the dead are characterized by immersion in the tasks they take on, and they have unusual hearing experiences in childhood.

According to the site, people who claim to hear the voice of the dead have a great tendency to hallucinate.

The researchers say the discovery could help to better understand the disturbing auditory hallucinations that accompany mental illnesses such as schizophrenia.

The researchers would like to better understand why some people with auditory experiences report a spiritual experience, while others find it more distressing and receive a mental health diagnosis.

Psychologist Peter Moseley of Northumbria University in the UK told Science Alert that “spiritualists tend to report unusually positive auditory experiences, beginning early in life and which they are often able to control.”

Mosley and fellow psychologist, Adam Powell, of Durham University in the UK, recruited and surveyed 65 “clairvoyant” mediators from the UK’s National Federation of Spiritualists, and 143 people from the general population recruited through social media, to determine what distinguishes Spiritualists from The general public, who do not (usually) report hearing the voices of the dead.

Overall, 44.6 percent of spiritualists reported hearing voices daily, and 79 percent said the experiences were part of their daily life. While most reported that they heard the voices inside their heads, 31.7 percent reported that the voices were also external.

The results of the survey were striking.

Compared to the general population, animists reported significantly greater belief in supernatural phenomena and were less likely to care what other people believed about them.

According to the website’s report, Spiritualists generally had their first auditory experience as young adults, with a mean age of 21.7 years, and reported a high level of absorption. This is the term that describes complete immersion in mental tasks and activities.

They reported that they were more likely to experience hallucination-like experiences, while the general sample showed high levels of absorption strongly correlated with belief in the paranormal, but showed little or no susceptibility to auditory hallucinations.

The researchers say these findings suggest that the “voices of the dead” experience is unlikely to be the result of peer pressure, a positive social context, or the suggestion of paranormal belief. Instead, these individuals embrace spirituality because it aligns with their experience and becomes personally meaningful to them.

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