Do you remember the “Stop” girl who employed Sudan.. this is what happened to her

Do you remember the “Stop” girl who employed Sudan.. this is what happened to her
Do you remember the “Stop” girl who employed Sudan.. this is what happened to her

After the story of the engineer, Islam Muhammad, known as the “Stop Girl”, occupied social networking sites and Sudanese circles, after she appeared months ago, walking around with a sign that read: “I want a groom, I want to marry, and I accept polygamy”, in reference to her desire to marry, the girl entered cage a few days ago. sources added that Islam got married in a wedding ceremony that she held in a wedding hall in the capital, Khartoum.

She also confirmed that the famous Sudanese artist, Kamal Terbas, had revived the ceremony without any compensation.

Activists shared a video clip of the bride, in a white dress, with her groom.

Society shook!

This came after that incident shook Sudanese society and divided people between supporters and opponents, some of whom criticized her as a “breaking of customs”, while others defended and emphasized that the girl did not make a mistake.

While others considered that this incident confirms the power of social media and its impact on people’s lives, that girl changed her life with only a small piece of paper, according to what many told Al

In turn, the social worker, Dr. Asmaa Juma’a, commented to “” about the uproar that the incident aroused, saying that it happened because the move is alien to society.

She added that it had not happened before in Sudanese society, which is almost a precedent.

She considered it a step that no one can take unless he secures himself from danger, stressing that it is a real adventure with no guaranteed consequences.

She also stressed that it was a courageous step in which the girl expressed her needs with honesty and no more courage.

It is noteworthy that Islam, or the “stop girl”, used to preoccupy the Sudanese on social media after standing at a traffic sign, a crane, looking for a groom, and she was known as the “stop girl”, meaning the girl of attitudes relative to the place where she stood.

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