“Hamas” hosted by “Hezbollah” in the wake of normalization with Assad

“Hamas” hosted by “Hezbollah” in the wake of normalization with Assad
“Hamas” hosted by “Hezbollah” in the wake of normalization with Assad

The Secretary-General of the Lebanese “Hezbollah”, Hassan Nasrallah, met with the head of the political bureau of the “Islamic Resistance Movement” (Hamas), Ismail Haniyeh, in Lebanon.

Today, Thursday, June 23, Hezbollah’s spokeswoman Al-Manar TV reported that the meeting included a review of the political and field developments in Palestine, Lebanon and the region, the development of the “axis of resistance”, and the existing threats, challenges and opportunities, with an emphasis on the cooperation of all parts of the “axis”. “.

Al-Manar indicated that Haniyeh arrived in Lebanon last Tuesday evening, at the head of a leading delegation in the movement, to meet with Lebanese officials and leaders.

The visit of the head of Hamas’ political bureau comes in conjunction with the movement’s announcement of restoring relations with the Syrian regime after ten years of estrangement, and closing the movement’s office in the Syrian capital, Damascus, following Hamas’s opposition to the Syrian regime with the start of the Syrian revolution in 2011. The head of its political bureau at the time, Khaled Meshaal.

A Source from within the movement, who “requested not to be named,” according to what was reported by Reuters on June 21, said that the two sides held several “high-level” meetings to reach this decision.

While there was no confirmation or denial on the part of the Syrian regime about restoring relations with “Hamas,” according to the agency.

In May 2021, one of the movement’s leaders, Osama Hamdan, praised Assad’s position for his support for the “Palestinian resistance.” Hamdan said in an interview with Al-Mayadeen channel, that “Assad’s position in support of the resistance is neither strange nor surprising, and whoever greets us with a greeting, we respond well from it. Naturally, relations with Damascus will return to their previous status.

During his interview with the Arabic-language “Russia Today” channel, on June 9, and talking about the possibility of normalizing relations with Israel, the head of the Syrian regime, Bashar al-Assad, expressed his reservations about the term, without ruling out the idea, as he attributed normalization to relations based on Arab concessions without return, while the regime desires “normal relations linked to peace that restores rights,” according to his opinion.

At the same time, al-Assad stressed, during the interview, that relations should not be established before the return of the Golan, indicating that relations will not be normalization, but rather “normal relations between any two countries,” which is one of the rare times that Israel is described as a “state” in official Syrian literature.

Also in his speech, he gave the Arab countries that established relatively recent political relations with Israel (the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco) justifications for steps of this kind, considering that the “Oslo” agreement in the nineties of the last century witnessed concessions from the owner of the issue to Israel, which justifies any country. In the world, “normalization or peace with Israel because the owner of the issue gave up on it,” according to his opinion.

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