The fastest ruling in Egypt’s history.. Mansoura girl’s lawyer reveals a new

The fastest ruling in Egypt’s history.. Mansoura girl’s lawyer reveals a new
The fastest ruling in Egypt’s history.. Mansoura girl’s lawyer reveals a new

After the hearts of the Egyptians and the Arab world bled, and amid calls for the most severe punishment for the killer, Khaled Abdel Rahman, the lawyer for the Mansoura girl who was slain by her colleague in front of the university, confirmed that all Mansoura’s lawyers refused to defend the perpetrator.

He added that the lawyers hope that the killer will be sentenced from the first session, and his papers will be transferred to the Mufti of the Republic to express the legitimate opinion.

He also continued that the prosecution set the first session, amid hopes of obtaining the death sentence immediately, to be the fastest verdict in the history of criminal justice.

The fastest ruling in the history of the Egyptian judiciary

This came after the first attorney general of the Southern Mansoura Prosecution Office, Muhammad Labib, ordered that the case of Naira Ashraf Abdel Qader be referred to the Criminal Court, and an urgent session was set for consideration on the 26th of this June.

While this case is considered one of the rarest cases that is referred in a short period of time, only 6 days have passed since the commission of the incident, in a unique precedent for the Egyptian judiciary.

maximum penalties

It is noteworthy that passers-by were surprised last Monday morning, when a student slaughtered his colleague in front of the gate of the Faculty of Arts at Mansoura University, after a verbal altercation erupted between them, while the people managed to catch him.

The incident shook the Egyptian street and the Arab world, especially after the spread of a heart-breaking video, which “” refused to publish due to its cruelty. The killer appeared to slaughter his victim from vein to vein.

In addition, the pioneers of the communication sites demanded the most severe penalties for the killer, whose victim soon reached the hospital until she breathed her last.

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