A Saudi planned to marry another woman .. But a message by mistake turned his life upside down!! You won’t believe what happened?

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A young man told the story of a man named Abu Seif, whose life was stable, his sons and daughters were good, and his wife as well, but he thought of a relationship with another woman.

The young man explained that “Abu Seif” was about 42 years old and began searching for the second wife until he found a girl named Hanan, who was about 25 years old, and he agreed with her family to marry her and provide everything she needs, provided that his first wife is not informed.

He pointed out that Hanan’s people agreed to that, and then “Abu Seif” took her to arrange marriage and search for the components of the house, pointing out that he agreed with the family to take her one or two days a week to buy supplies.

He added: “While Abu Seif was in his home, he sent a message by mistake to his first wife, so I knew that he was planning to marry another woman and confronted him with this, but he denied knowing the story in the first place.”

He continued, “The wife left the house with one of her brothers, then asked for a divorce, and Abu Seif tried to bring her back on more than one occasion, but he could only do so after the intervention of many people.”

He continued: “The first wife stipulated the divorce of the second, and Abu Seif did so and was able to restore calm and stability again to his home, but after great trouble.”

The story’s narrator concludes: “If you have a good wife these days and she lives a stable life, that is enough instead of instability and confusion.”

The article is in Arabic

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