Al-Ahly raises the budget of the new coach to 52 million pounds annually

Al-Ahly raises the budget of the new coach to 52 million pounds annually
Al-Ahly raises the budget of the new coach to 52 million pounds annually

Al-Ahly club officials raised the “ceiling” of contracts with the new coach to 2 million and 800,000 dollars annually, or nearly 52 million pounds annually, in order to contract with a foreign coach with a strong CV.

Red Castle officials want to sign a good coach, so they agreed to raise the “budget” allocated to contracting a new coach to succeed South African Pitso Mosimane, whose contract was recently terminated, and Al-Ahly’s decision came after they entered into intensive negotiations with more than one coach and found that the coaches’ salaries witnessed A great height, especially if it comes to a coach with a strong resume.

Al-Ahly officials ruled out the idea of ​​contracting with an unknown coach from Europe to train the team, similar to the experience of the Swiss Rene Weiler, who was contracted before Pitso Musimani, and Al-Ahly is negotiating with European and Latin American coaches in preparation for contracting with one of them, all of whom have good experience and expertise in the world of training, whether in Europe or the Arab region.

Al-Ahly’s administration had contracted with Feiler on August 31, 2019, although he did not have experience in the Arab region, and the red administration confirmed at the time that Feiler had a big project to implement in the Red Castle at the time, but coach Al-Sisi left in late September 2020 against the background of the Corona pandemic.

Evidence indicates that the idea of ​​contracting with an immersed coach in the manner of Fyler’s experience is not present in Al-Ahly, because the biggest trend is currently contracting with a coach with strong experiences in Europe or the Arab region, or both.

Al-Ahly is currently negotiating with more than one European coach, most notably the Portuguese Roy Vitoria, the former coach of the Portuguese clubs Benfica and the Saudi victory, but the financial dispute is still hampering negotiations with this coach, and there are other coaches negotiating with Al-Ahly. .

Al-Ahly also entered into negotiations with the American of German assets, David Wagner, and the German Thomas Schaaf.

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