Ranking the best cities for quality of life.. 3 Arab capitals are at the bottom of the list

Ranking the best cities for quality of life.. 3 Arab capitals are at the bottom of the list
Ranking the best cities for quality of life.. 3 Arab capitals are at the bottom of the list

A number of Arab cities were ranked as the best city for quality of living, as seven cities from the Middle East were in the last ten places.

Damascus ranked last 172, the Libyan capital, Tripoli, ranked 170, the Algerian capital, Algeria, ranked 169, and Tehran ranked 163.

Beirut was also absent from the rating, large neighborhoods of which were destroyed by a horrific explosion in its port in 2020, which exacerbated the consequences of the financial and economic collapse and the consequences of political instability.

The report, prepared by “The Economist Intelligence Unit”, the information unit of the English magazine “The Economist”, attributed the delay of these Arab cities to the factors of conflicts, wars and terrorism.

On the other hand, the city of Vienna ranked first, reclaiming the title it had won in 2018 and 2019.

The Austrian capital was behind the New Zealand city of Auckland, which fell 33 places due to the extension of quarantine procedures.

Vienna was given the maximum mark, which is one hundred out of a hundred, based on its stability, the potential it provides for science and medicine, and the quality of its infrastructure. Cultural and environmental factors were also considered ideal.

Europe dominated the top ten, as six of them belonged to the cities of this continent, including Copenhagen and Zurich, which came after Vienna and Geneva (the sixth). Canadian cities won three places in the rankings: Calgary (third place equally), Vancouver (fifth) and Toronto (eighth).

Paris ranked nineteenth, 23 places higher than it was in 2021. The Belgian capital, Brussels, ranked twenty-fourth, behind Montreal (23). London ranked 33rd while lively Barcelona ranked 35th, eight places ahead of Madrid (43).

Milan, Italy, ranked forty-ninth, New York fifty-first, and Beijing ranked 71st.

Any city, in order to be included in this classification, is supposed to serve as a “business destination”, that is, an economic and financial center, or required of customers.

The authors of the classification made it clear that they excluded Kyiv from the report due to the circumstances of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. At the same time, Moscow plunged to the 80th place, down 15 degrees.

“Eastern European cities have fallen in the rankings due to increased geopolitical risks” and “the cost of living crisis, including rising energy and food prices,” said Obasana Dutt, the official in charge of the report, published in The Economist Intelligence Unit.

In the 2021 classification, new indicators were adopted, including health restrictions, to assess the effects of the pandemic. This led to a recovery in the average quality of life in 2022, but it remained below the pre-Covid level.

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