Thailand opened its gates after the corona and remained as magical as it was

Thailand opened its gates after the corona and remained as magical as it was
Thailand opened its gates after the corona and remained as magical as it was

Thailand is without a doubt the place in the world where it has the best value for money. The favorite area in Thailand for Israelis is the island region (Kosmoy, Kopenhagen) and rightly so, a winning horse does not change.

Koh Samui

A question that many followers have asked me is whether the towns in Cosmoy are ghost towns after the Corona, so the answer is absolutely no. Yes, there is an influence of the corona and in the town of Chaweng there are streets with shops closed, but these are local shops and businesses that you probably would not go into to buy anyway.

The Corona seems to have filtered the quantities out of the business and left the most successful ones open. Which is actually very pleasant as tourists, because there are more successful places, and fewer tourist traps.

In Cosmoi the recommended area at the moment is the fishing village, the association is really the fishing village but that is really not the case. This is a nice promenade with fun restaurants and nice shops. everything is open.

Sunday market in the fishing village – On Sundays the promenade of the fishing village is fully decorated with fun stalls, live music, cocktails, food stalls and shopping for clothes and souvenirs. Fun and recommended.

Anantara Bophut Koh Samui – A charming hotel located at the end of the promenade of the fishing village, you can also enjoy the quiet, and also walk a few meters and enjoy the promenade. The hotel has a huge pool, a spectacular garden that looks like a spectacular botanical garden in the center of the hotel, an excellent library, a large gym and fun restaurants. The hotel is spacious and has lots of completely different spaces, so it is very suitable for those who like variety (like me) but the hotel is also not huge so it is comfortable with children. Breakfast at the hotel was excellent, it is the best breakfast we have eaten in Thailand, with a very large variety of dishes and one of the most delicious yeast cakes I have ever eaten.

The kids club is excellent, it has an air-conditioned section with lots of games and creative activities and also an open area with facilities for children, they also offer babysitting services that can be booked in advance (worth booking before arriving at the hotel).

The spa in Bopot is crazy, a huge and impressive complex built in a traditional way, an experience to come even just to visit the spa.

Samui Elephant Sanctuary – Meeting elephants is one of the most intriguing things in Thailand, the problem is that it is usually the abuse of helpless animals. The Elephant Shelter has collected elephants that have been worked in the fields, worked in shows or abused and offers them a new life. They live liberated in a large, fenced forest, without chains, without spikes and blows without having to make performances, and do not ride them.

You can get a guided tour of the complex, as part of the experience explain the elephants, and prepare food for them together. Enter the compound with certified instructors and with them feed the elephants during their feeding hours. These are elephants that have been raised in captivity and are used to humans. The interaction is for the elephant to choose. The elephants end up being very friendly and let them be petted and fed, and it is an amazing and exciting experience that is highly recommended.

Need to reserve a place a few days in advance because there is a limit to people who can enter the compound during the day.

Sakura – Sakura – A recommended spa in the fishing village, we visited there almost every day, there is nothing like the pleasure in Thailand of doing a massage at a price of 400 baht per hour, which comes out to 40 shekels per hour of excellent massage, air conditioning and sea views. There are also Epic Hour hours with a 20% discount.

Coco Tams – Coco Tams Excellent restaurant on the fishing beach, excellent food and most fun, a fire show almost every evening. You should check by phone in front of the restaurant when there is a fire show and grab a good seat.

Koh Phangan

Once a month, full moon parties are held in Copenhagen. The parties returned in full force. The place is full of tourists from all over the world, Had Rin is bustling with life. And the party is as full as it was before the Corona period. If you are in the mood for parties you should check in advance the dates of the full moon and organize the trip accordingly.

Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan – A magical boutique hotel in the Tong Nai area of ​​Copenhagen. Tong Nai is a small beach strip with a few individual hotels and several restaurants. Quiet area with magical nature, perfect for those looking for quiet, this is one of the most beautiful bays in Copenhagen. The service is at a very high level, service people at such a level are already hard to find today and it will be said to their credit.

All rooms are up to 20 meters from the beach, all rooms have a private pool. Very luxurious and spacious rooms. We stayed in a room on the beach, it was just perfect, hearing the noise of the waves crashing around the clock. The hotel offers safes and kayaks for free use for guests and it is a must experience. Staying in this place is a real vacation. The spa and yoga complex is perhaps the most beautiful and magical in Copenhagen.

The hotel’s main pool is beautiful, an infinity pool with sea views. And the hotel has a Japanese restaurant with the most delicious sushi I have eaten in a long time, well worth a visit to the restaurant.

It was such a good experience that we preferred not to leave the hotel because it was so perfect.

Koh Raham Restaurant – One of the most beautiful and surprising places in Copenhagen is a bar and restaurant decorated in a very unique style reminiscent of the Tulum style in Mexico, with a stunning beach, well worth a few hours to spend there.

Ang thong marine national park – Ang Tong Reserve, consists of 42 islands. This is the most beautiful spot in Thailand, a trip that is a must. Leaving Kosmoy for a full day trip The trip is physically difficult and suitable for people in good shape. Climb the mountains, climb very steep stairs, swim and kayak. The most beautiful places in Thailand.

Sailing at sea is also difficult, we took a very professional company that goes through all the most beautiful spots in the reserve and the skipper was the most professional we have met in our lives. Grand Sea discovery speedboat.

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