Gog and Magog Scenario: Russia and China are preparing for a global war

Gog and Magog Scenario: Russia and China are preparing for a global war
Gog and Magog Scenario: Russia and China are preparing for a global war

The scariest words of the last 75 years? It’s easy: ‘World War III’. They began to be heard immediately after World War II ended. They inspired the ‘Gog-and-Mag’ clock of physicists, who warned the world of ‘midnight’.

When the clock began to tick, in 1947, the world was far to “seven minutes past midnight.” In 1953 he came close to two minutes. In 1991 he moved away to 17 minutes (the largest rate). Since then, he kept coming back, until he reached two minutes in 2017. Last year it stood at “One Hundred Seconds.” We are waiting for the update of Ukraine.

In 1991, at the time of receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, Mikhail Gorbachev, the last president of the Soviet Union, declared, “the danger of a global nuclear war has in fact passed.” Heirs-heirs devoured all the cards. Vladimir Putin final says to return and establish the Russian Empire. General Wallace Clark, the former commander-in-chief of NATO forces in Europe, said of Putin three months ago: “We must start from the premise that he will welcome the opportunity to use nuclear weapons. Subscribe and finish with him to demonstrate his determination. He wants to scare the West. He thinks he has a nuclear advantage. “

Previously, even when the danger was tangible and even immediate, no one dared to openly threaten war. Now, the horrible words ‘World War III’ are routinely ejected from the throats of its bearers, in politics and in the media. The dictator himself does not cease to hint at an unconventional war. On the day he invaded Ukraine he warned anyone who tried to stand in his way, that “Russia will respond immediately, and the results will be beyond what has ever been seen in your history.” your.

Drowning Britain, destroying the shores of America

On the third day of the invasion, Putin put Russia’s nuclear power on “combat alert.” While he did nothing offensive, he deliberately gave the impression that he was considering a nuclear pre-emptive strike, a dramatic departure from the logic of the Cold War terror balance.

This week, a potential front was added to Putin’s delusional war against Russia’s enemies: Kaliningrad, the small Russian enclave between Lithuania and Poland, on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Lithuania, a member of the European Union and NATO, has banned the passage of products subject to EU sanctions. Russia has responded with threats and warnings.

After the new commander of the British Army announced in a day-to-day order that Britain would protect the safety of all NATO members, including Lithuania, a Russian general, Yevgeny Bozinsky, he replied on live television that if Britain went to war, it would “cease to exist physically. “Their island will disappear, so I have no idea where he and his descendants will live.”

By the way, he said these things without excitement, in a matter-of-fact and completely quiet tone. Watch the video:

Margarita Simonian, the editor-in-chief of Russia Today (RT), the Russian television network that broadcasts to the world, said a month ago, “either we win, or it will end badly for all of humanity.”

Simonian had a variation on the theme this week. She declared, following the cessation of wheat and grain exports from Ukraine to hungry countries in Africa and Asia, that “hunger is our hope … it will force them to lift sanctions and be our friends, because they will understand they have no choice.”

A discussion on Russian television on May 30 dealt with the question of how Russia would destroy the two beaches of the United States, for their huge population centers; and how many Ukrainians it would have to eliminate. Two hyper-sonic missiles to each coast, “nothing will remain, and the mushroom will be so high that it can be seen from Mexico.”

To teach you that nothing in this eruption was spontaneous, a huge launch of the said missile, the ‘Sarmat’ model, also known as ‘Devil-2’, was projected on the huge screen behind Zhuravlyov. Sarmat has not yet entered operational use, but last week Putin announced that he would enter such use before the end of the year.

Jurabliov also declared that “five percent” of the Ukrainians were “incurable” from their “Nazi” deviations, and therefore had no choice but to “de-Nazify them, that is, destroy them.”

We are interested in people who have finished saying win the war no matter what, even if the whole world is destroyed. Moreover, they are convinced that they can win a global war. I guess a monologue of this kind that is heard on Russian television, and is common as a fire-eater on social media, has never been heard anywhere.

“I have seen my enemies, and they are worms”

It could be argued that in 2022 the world is on the verge of a historic catastrophe. We all sin from time to time in emotional or mechanical comparisons with the 30s, but they are hard to avoid. Almost all encyclopedias tell us that World War II broke out on September 1, 1939, when Hitler invaded Poland. In the eyes of the Russians, the “Great Patriotic War” began with the invasion of Hitler, on June 21, 1941. In the eyes of the Americans, it began on December 7, 1941, the day the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, and dragged America into war.

But if World War II was indeed a world war, not a European war, it deserves a much earlier opening date: July 1937, when Japan invaded China (the invasion began years earlier, but in 1937 it turned into a war, which historians call the “Second Sino-Japanese War”). “). In July 1937, nine months before Hitler annexed Austria, Japanese aggression heralded everything else, making the global confrontation inevitable.
The United States did not feel like helping China, because then America was a military dwarf, and had no desire to intervene in overseas wars. 1941, oil embargo Pearl Harbor came five months later, in direct contact with the embargo.

In the fall of 1941, the two great aggressive powers of their time, Germany and Japan, made a bold attempt to turn the world order on its head. That same week, German tanks lined their turrets at Moscow gates and Japanese aircraft carriers threatened the west coast of the United States.

The summer of 2022 is not the exact equivalent of the fall of 1941, but there is no difficulty in identifying the components of the equation. Two military superpowers, Russia and China, are seeking territorial expansion in the name of the need to correct historical injustices. Russia openly seeks to eliminate Ukraine, and the Russian dictator openly speaks of his desire to do the act of Peter the Great, and take control of the Baltic coast.
Chinese dictator Xi Jinping is openly seeking to swallow up small, democratic and prosperous Taiwan. His military preparations are in high gear. Presumably, a Chinese invasion is imminent, not in the coming weeks, but certainly before the end of the decade, perhaps within two or three years.

Militarily and politically, Western democracies are now infinitely more prepared than they were in 1939. But their readiness has not yet been put to a critical test. Both dictators trust the weakness of the West, whether it is the weakness they attribute to his collective will power, or the weakness they attribute to the democratic system as such.

History teaches us what dictators do, who believe in the weakness of their enemies. “I have seen my enemies, and they are worms,” ​​Hitler told his secret men after the Munich Conference, in 1938. When he declared war on the United States in December 1941, he considered America a “hybrid country,” that is, a mixed race, and as such narcissistic and doomed to defeat.

He was wrong. But 55 million people died, and only at the end of the war were there some nuclear weapons. How will a war end, with ten thousand to 12 thousand nuclear arrowheads ready to use at its starting point?

Tyrants with Messianic hallucinations, in Russia and China, have decided to realize what they think is the historical destiny of their countries through intimidation and coercion. Ultra-modern weapons in their warehouses convince them that they can win.

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