Energetic state of emergency in Germany: “From today, gas is a scarce resource”

Energetic state of emergency in Germany: “From today, gas is a scarce resource”
Energetic state of emergency in Germany: “From today, gas is a scarce resource”

The German government announced today (Thursday) that it has raised the level of preparedness for a general energy crisis to two (out of three), and the Minister of Economy said that “we are currently in a gas crisis.” The background to the announcement is the drastic reduction in the quantities of natural gas supplied by the Russian state-owned company Gazprom to Germany and the rest of Europe. The volume decreased by more than half compared to the usual quantities in all three gas pipelines arriving in Germany. Gazprom justified the reduction as “technical difficulties”, due in part to international sanctions, but Germany and the European Union said it was “extortion” and “using gas as a weapon”.

Today (Thursday), German Economy Minister Robert Habeck appeared before the media in the country, and presented the figures indicating the dramatic reduction. “The situation is serious and winter will come soon,” Dust said. “This is an economic attack on us by Russian President Vladimir Putin.” The German gas reserves are only 56% full, and even if they were completely full, this would only allow about two months of normal use of the resource. “As of today, gas is a scarce resource,” Dust clarified. He said the public should prepare for a further price increase.

In May, the government approved energy companies to cut tariffs by tens of percent. Currently, the government has not yet approved them to raise tariffs for a second time. In the third phase of the emergency plan, the government will budget gas for private homes or industry, according to a priority to be given in Berlin. In the past, the dust has warned that reaching such a situation would create a sharp and immediate recession in Germany, accompanied by corporate bankruptcies, mass layoffs and poverty.

The dust today called on the German public to mobilize and try to save as much electricity as possible in the coming months, until winter, in order to save on the gas used to generate electricity (about 15% of the country’s electricity production). “It’s time to make a national effort,” Dust said. The government has announced in recent days that it will return to the electricity grid coal-fired power reactors, despite the pollution and harm to the environment they create, and their contribution to the global warming effect. However, the government has made it clear that this is a temporary move, and that it still aims to close all coal mines in the country by 2030. “All consumers – industry, public and government – should immediately reduce their gas consumption as much as possible so we can get through the winter,” The dust begged the residents.

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