Wants support: The former mayor apologized to the ultra-Orthodox

Wants support: The former mayor apologized to the ultra-Orthodox
Wants support: The former mayor apologized to the ultra-Orthodox

In an attempt to gain the support of ultra-Orthodox leaders in Borough Park for his run for Congress, former mayor Bill de Bellasio apologized for a 2020 tweet in which he attacked the ultra-Orthodox “for large gatherings held during the epidemic” he explained that “it was out of pain”

Former New York City Mayor Bill de Bellasio is running for Congress in District 10 of New York City, he met with members of the ultra-Orthodox community in Borough Park on June 19th. During the meeting, Bill de Blasio apologized to the ultra-Orthodox for a tweet from 2020 during the Corona period, so de Blasio attacked the ultra-Orthodox for conducting a funeral that had a permit, but de Blasio attacked the ultra-Orthodox due to pressure from the media.

A local oboe stork activist, who supports him, asked him about the tweet, he replied, “It was a mistake and I should not have done it,” de Bellasio said. “It was a moment of pain over what was happening in the city.” De Bellasio is vying for a seat in the 10th arrondissement, which stretches from his home in Slope Park to lower Manhattan and includes a portion of Borough Park and requires ultra-Orthodox support in order to win.

Mayor apologizes: Photo: Reuvain Borchardt / Hamodia

Isaac Fleischer, de Blasio’s secret agent and representative of the Babub community, an influential stork in the county, told the New York media that he organized the meeting. “I’m the one I called,” Fleischer said. “I’ve been a friend of his for 20 years. When he was a council member, he was the best we’ve ever had. People need to remember that.” Fleischer did not officially support De Bellasio, but said “we will probably support him next week”.

“The last time we approved him, he won the election,” Fleischer said. He added that Borough Park residents forgot the Lazio field was “helping the community.” “Most people are angry at him, as mayor, he did a lot of things we did not agree with. But most people in Borough Park do not know what he achieved for us in the city council, Congress is elected every two years. If he does something against the community, believe me, in two years people will not They will vote for him again. “

The meeting was first reported by Hamodia, de Bellasio was asked about his conflicts with the ultra-Orthodox community during the plague, in which he faced harsh reactions to the closure of synagogues and other measures designed to fight the corona virus. We all went through a difficult time together, “said de Bellasio.” I had to make a lot of difficult decisions. “

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