The video of the killing of Iman Muayyad Irsheid provokes the public’s anger… on the glue of the Mansoura girl (details)

The video of the murder of Iman Moayad Irsheid topped the search indicators on Google Trends and social media platforms, after the student was shot dead on the university campus, so that the case and its dimensions are similar to the case of the murder of the student Naira Ashraf in Egypt, known as the Mansoura girl.

The murder of Iman Muayyad Rashid

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Iman Muayyad Rashid

The pioneers of social networking sites in Jordan circulated a picture of Iman Muayyad Irsheid, stating that the student was at the university to take an exam, at the moment the perpetrator fired 6 bullets at her, while other information was received about 5 bullets being fired at her.

They also circulated a message sent to the victim by the killer, pledging to kill her in the same way that the Egyptian killer, Muhammad Adel, killed the student Naira Ashraf.

The murder of Iman Muayyad Irsheid
The murder of Iman Muayyad Irsheid

Video of the murder of Iman Muayyad Irsheid

The video of the murder of a student at the University of Applied Sciences in Jordan angered social media pioneers, and we monitor the video for you.

Who is Iman Moayad Irsheed?

  • Eman Moayed Irsheed is a girl from Jordan, in her twenties, who lived with her family in Jordan.
  • Iman Muayyad Irsheed was known as an educated and diligent student who studied nursing at the Applied University.
  • The news of the killing of this student from the Applied University was circulated, by directly shooting her.

The murder of Iman Muayyad Irsheid

Iman Muayyad Irsheed was going to take the exam, but she was killed by a person inside the university who was carrying a weapon, and it was said that he had threatened her by sending her a message and it was said that he would kill her as a young man did by killing a girl in Egypt.

Sources reported that he entered in disguise, and that the university security chased after him in order to catch him, but he fled, and was shooting in the air until the security dispersed, and it was said that his age is less than 24 years.

Video of the murder of Iman Muayyad Irsheid
Video of the murder of Iman Muayyad Irsheid

It is worth noting that the Jordan University of Applied Sciences mourned the Jordanian student who died at the hands of someone in the vicinity of the university, and said in an official statement today, Thursday, through the official account on the social networking site “Facebook”: The Special Applied College student, from the College of Nursing, extends from the family of the deceased and the family of the university their sincere condolences and sympathy, asking God Almighty to bless her with his vast mercy, and the university pledged to prosecute everyone who caused this painful accident until he receives just retribution for his heinous crime.

Execution of the killer of Iman Muayyad Irsheid

The hashtag issues the execution of the killer of Iman Muayyad Rashid, University of Applied Sciences, after she was shot dead.

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