A difficult life.. Marwa Al-Qaisi’s last presence on “Social Media” before

A difficult life.. Marwa Al-Qaisi’s last presence on “Social Media” before
A difficult life.. Marwa Al-Qaisi’s last presence on “Social Media” before

I wrote – Mona El Mougy:

Although her fame was achieved through social media, including Tik Tok, her presence was little in the recent period, and her last video was on July 27, 40 days before her death.

As for her account on Instagram, her last post was on July 13, through an expressive video of a person suffering from isolation and depression, he publishes a picture of him and comments from his followers that he sees happy, and she commented: Have you ever felt as if you were running in an endless maze ?

Twenty-four hours before death, Marwa had a presence in which she did not appear in her face on the Instagram short stories feature, with more than one story, including a video of her presence in a public place, and she published another video that said that life is difficult, but at least, and completed by placing the heart symbol next to the word All my life.

In another post via the short story feature, she published a picture that reads, “Sometimes you don’t have to listen to their excuses because their actions told the truth,” to comment on the word “patient”, describing the actions of some as sick, and posted another picture joking through it.

Malak Al-Qaisi broke down in tears, in a video spread on social media, in which she appeared talking about her sister, the Iraqi actress, dancer and tiktoker Marwa Al-Qaisi, who committed suicide today, Monday, September 5.

Malak said, “Today, my sister moved to God’s mercy, and she left me, and she passed away. May God grant you what you ask and do not call, I can’t believe it, go out of my life, go from my face.”

The Iraqi dancer, tiktoker and actress Marwa Al-Qaisi committed suicide today, Monday, September 5, after she threw herself from the eleventh floor of a building in Erbil, to take her last breath before attempts to rescue her.

Marwa Al-Qaisi became famous for years because of her accounts on social networking sites, including her page on Tik Tok, as she is followed by large numbers of users of these means.

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