Afghanistan’s black gold .. a kilo is $100, and the return is “nothing.”

Afghanistan’s black gold .. a kilo is $100, and the return is “nothing.”
Afghanistan’s black gold .. a kilo is $100, and the return is “nothing.”

The decline in the chances of exporting the pine crop, which the Afghan people call “black gold”, comes in light of the abundance of the crop this year by an estimated 20 percent compared to last year, due to heavy rainfall.

Pine crisis in points

• According to Afghan journalist and researcher Fadel Al-Qaher Qazi, the lack of safe export corridors harms a large segment of farmers, especially since more than 50,000 people depend on this agriculture as a Source of income.

• The Afghan pine is distinguished by its multiple medicinal uses, which makes it a popular commodity internationally. Under the previous government, Afghanistan had launched an air route to export it to China and other countries, which brought Afghanistan about $800 million annually, according to a judge’s interview with “Sky News Arabia”. .

• The Source explained that the absence of export opportunities comes as a result of the political changes that the country has witnessed during the last year, which was directly reflected in the export operations, especially after the closure of the main crossings with Pakistan and sometimes with Iran and Central Asian countries for security reasons, so the crop became piled up in the local markets, but Some traders buy quantities and smuggle them to neighboring countries such as Pakistan.

• The Afghan journalist points out that the pine export crisis started last year, which prompted the Pine Exporters Association to demand the government to conduct negotiations with Turkey and China to import it. Although there are some exports to China, it is still limited.

• There is a significant decrease in the volume of Afghan exports in general, but the pine crisis in particular is represented by its high price for the local consumer, and therefore its prices decline significantly if it is marketed locally, according to Qazi.

• The Source explained that the interest in pine cultivation and its export is an urgent requirement, especially as it is an alternative to opium cultivation, pointing to major challenges that the Afghan people are going through recently, especially after huge economic losses due to the damage of other crops due to floods.

Several Afghan provinces are famous for producing black pine, which is considered the finest pine in the world. These are Paktia, Khost, Nangarhar, Paktika, Konar and Laghman. These six states are located in the southeast of the country.

Given the economic importance of the black pine to Afghanistan, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has taken several steps to preserve this wealth.

In a report, the organization said, “Since 2019, it has been working to protect pine forests, especially in the state of Paktia, which was formerly famous for its pine forests, but over the past 50 years, illegal logging has almost eliminated them, and overgrazing and forage collection is still taking place in a manner Unsustainable and lack of adequate afforestation measures, negatively affect the vegetation cover of Bactria.

FAO is working with Afghanistan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock to reverse this worrying situation. With financial support from the Global Environment Facility, the project has begun reforesting 687.5 hectares of pine and walnut forests, establishing 65 pine and walnut nurseries in communities across the state. According to “FAO”.

The organization indicated that its project established associations to manage forests and motivate local people to manage the land sustainably and stop the removal of green cover, and the associations planted an additional 107 walnut trees, 6100 pine trees and 5,000 almond seedlings across the deforested area, and these new plants will also provide local communities with opportunities To make a living by selling fruits.

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