600 famous British companies are in trouble after the departure of Queen Elizabeth..and this is the only solution

600 famous British companies are in trouble after the departure of Queen Elizabeth..and this is the only solution
600 famous British companies are in trouble after the departure of Queen Elizabeth..and this is the only solution

Al-Marsad newspaper: After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, about 600 companies of her favorite brands risk being denied the right to use the royal logo, and these companies have to wait for approval from King Charles III to be able to use the logo on their products.

Chocolate Cadbury

From Fortnum and Mason teas to Burberry coats, Cadbury chocolate and even manufacturers of dog food or hand brooms, there are many brands at risk of losing their royal status.

If the companies do not obtain the approval of the new king, they will have two years to remove the royal seal, which distinguishes them as the preferred suppliers of the British monarch.

Under his former name as Prince of Wales, Charles has given his own royal seal to more than 150 brands.

This royal support symbolizes above all the quality of the product.

The Association of Holders of Royal Certificates of Support said that its holders obtain “the right to display the appropriate royal emblem on their products, packaging, shops, advertisements, buildings and vehicles” affiliated with them.

For some companies, the royal emblem is an important way to revitalize their business, even if the real impact on sales is difficult to measure.

Fortnum and Mason was the official grocer’s supplier to Queen Elizabeth II and the Prince of Wales.

The London store said it was an honor to have had the support of Her late Majesty since 1954, adding that he had served the Queen and the royal family throughout her life.

Fortnum and Meissen

The Fortnum & Maison brand has a long history of close collaboration with the royal family, creating the Royal Blend tea for King Edward VII in 1902.

The Twinings also had royal backing as a supplier of tea and coffee to Queen Elizabeth and the Prince of Wales.

And Launer, which has been proud to supply the Queen with handbags since 1968, is in danger of losing precious royal support.

However, Barbour jackets, particularly suited to rural life in British weather, were the official manufacturer of waterproof protective clothing for both Queen Elizabeth and her eldest son.

But for brands less associated with Queen Elizabeth in the public mind, royal support is “above all, a recognition of skills and tradition,” says Christian Porta, managing director of global business development at Dupont’s parent company, Bruno Ricard.

However, he confirmed the existence of strong competition in this field, as the brands “Bollinger”, “Krog”, “Lanson”, “Laurent Perrier”, “Louis Roderer”, “Moys & Chandon” and “Vove” Clico” also holds proprietary certificates of support.

Consumer brands also enjoy the royal seal of support, including Heinz’s ketchup brand and cans of baked beans that the British love.


The same is true for Keylogger pills, a US company. The brand’s spokesman in Britain, Paul Wheeler, said it was good that the company had such a strong connection with the UK.

Wheeler explained that the company had been supplying the royal family continuously during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, which lasted 70 years.

“We used to have a special truck, called the Genevieve, just to deliver the grain to the royals directly from the factory,” Wheeler added.

It is worth noting that there is no financial cost to obtain royal support, as suppliers continue to provide their services to donors on a commercial basis, while members of the royal family also enjoy the freedom to use the services of other suppliers.

Royal certificates of support last for five years and can be renewed, but the renewal criteria have recently been tightened.

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