A serious omission in the IDF: soldiers slept in an open area without personal weapons. Bedouins broke in and stole equipment

A major disaster was miraculously avoided: Unarmed soldiers were left at night in an open area in the southern sector of Mount Hebron. The officer in charge fell asleep and the equipment was stolen. This is a serious failure, which could have ended in a more difficult way – this was reported this morning (Monday) in ‘Haaretz’.

According to the report, the incident occurred on the night of September 15, when a regular engineering battalion stationed in the southern sector of Mount Hebron participated in a battalion exercise lasting several days in an open area. As part of the exercise, the two command APCs accompanying the battalion commander were also deployed, including his staff officers, operations insignia, communications technicians, and more.

The security at the place was lax and gradually the number of officers who stayed in the area, with the two APCs, decreased. On the third night, all the headquarters and anti-tank officers left the place, because they were participating in a “salihot tour” of the regulars from the battalion ahead of the Tishrei holidays. Only a junior staff officer, armed, remained armed, and with him a number of soldiers who were not armed.

Contrary to orders, the officer instructed the soldiers that he was canceling the security shifts and sent them to sleep. However, he himself fell asleep not long after, and then personal equipment and money were stolen from the place, along with protective vests and helmets. The expensive communication equipment and other combat equipment kept in them were not stolen from the APCs themselves. This is a great miracle, since this omission could have ended, God forbid, in harming the soldiers themselves.

The IDF spokesman stated in response that “as part of a training exercise carried out by the battalion in the area of ​​the Yehuda Regional Brigade, the security procedures were violated. As a result, personal and military equipment was stolen. It should be noted that no IDF combat equipment was stolen during the incident. The incident is being investigated and disciplinary action will be taken.”

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