“Operation Anschluss” .. The fate of Austria 84 years ago awaits Ukraine

“Operation Anschluss” .. The fate of Austria 84 years ago awaits Ukraine
“Operation Anschluss” .. The fate of Austria 84 years ago awaits Ukraine

What occasion Ukrainian statements?

• Referendums will be organized in 4 regions of eastern and southern Ukraine, including Donetsk and Luhansk, to join Russia.

• The list also includes the city of Kherson and the Zaporizhia region.

• Referendums will be held during the period from 23 to 27 September.

The timings are in Russia

• This war of referendums comes after the progress made by the Ukrainian forces in the northeast of the country, as part of a counterattack launched two weeks ago to restore towns from Russian control.

• Also, in conjunction with the holding of the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

• Russian State Duma: “There are no obstacles to joining Moscow.”

• Russian Foreign Ministry: “The people of Donbass want to be the master of their own destiny.”

What is the Anschluss process?

• Anschluss is a German word meaning “connection” or “annexation”.

• It was a peaceful military campaign through which Austria was annexed to Nazi Germany in 1938.

• It is also called the “Annexation of Austria”.

• I was very well received by the Austrian people.

• As a result, Austria remained under the banner of Adolf Hitler until the end of World War II.

What happened in the process?

• It took place in only 3 days, from 11 to 13 March 1938.

During which Nazi Germany annexed neighboring Austria in what was known as “Austrich”, meaning the Anschluss.

• By annexing Austria, Adolf Hitler violated the treaties of “Versailles” and “Saint-Germain”, which expressly prohibited the unification of Austria and Germany.

• It was the first act committed by Nazi Germany with the aim of territorial expansion.

• Europe’s acceptance of the Anschluss operation allowed the continuation of Hitler’s policies, which were characterized by uncontrolled expansion.

• The operation almost hid Austria from existence.

• The winter of 1937-1938, Austria found itself diplomatically isolated and facing Nazi Germany alone.

• Austria’s annexation of Germany was a major breach of the world order after the First World War, according to Western reports.

Russia’s gains and all-out war

Observers believe that these regions, which intend to organize referendums to join Russia, are actually linked to Moscow.

While the Ukrainian presidency considered that Russia’s threat to referendums reflects its “fear of defeat,” high-ranking Russian officials, including State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, praised these referendums.

• Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, says that the referendum on the annexation of Donbass to Russia will protect the region.

• Oleg Morozov, deputy head of the “United Russia” party in the State Duma says: “There is not a single obstacle for us to take all the necessary legal measures for the accession of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics to Russia,” noting that according to the plan after the referendums, the State Duma will hold a session on September 28, according to the agency. Russian “Novosti”.

The researcher on Russian affairs, Alexander Vakulenko, considered that the vote in Donbass for Russia achieves several goals. In terms of protecting the loyal population in the Donetsk regions, this may enable it to bring about a geopolitical transformation in the region that becomes irreversible on the other side.

He added to “Sky News Arabia”, “Despite the Ukrainian or international criticism of this step, it cannot be denied that there are opinion polls confirming the desire of many residents of eastern Ukraine to hold referendums on joining Russia, although in many aspects it is supported and instructed by the Moscow”.

Regarding the feasibility of that step, he continues: “Referendums will give Russia legal excuses to annex the territories, and any Ukrainian attack on those areas after that will be considered an attack on Russian lands from Moscow’s point of view, which will prompt it to respond in an unpredictable way, such as raising the level of the special military operation to an official announcement. of total or nuclear war.

And he added, “It has a tactic to pressure the West and Ukraine to back off its counterattack in eastern Ukraine.”

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