A serious challenge sweeps Tik Tok .. and health experts warn

In order to gain views and collect likes, the “Tik Tok” application has swept a serious challenge that causes severe stomach pains, as experts and social media users warned of its repercussions after hospitals in some US states received a number of cases.

The online challenge was created by Paqui, the flavored tortilla chip company, which launched a new spicy chip like a bean for this challenge, where the person eats the chip and waits to see what happens to them.

hot pepper

While this year’s 2022 One Chip Challenge featured the Carolina Reaper, which contains a pungent and hot pepper that turns the challenger’s tongue blue after eating it in seconds, according to a New York Post report.

Videos encouraged social media users to eat the whole wafer, wait as long as possible before drinking or eating anything, and then post their reactions online.

Stomach pain

But medical experts and social media users who tried the challenge warned of the dangerous consequences that led some, including children, to hospital, where they suffered excruciating pain.

A user posted on Tik Tok a video that showed her niece in the hospital after trying the challenge.

The video gained 10.7 million views and led to several videos explaining the frightening situation.

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Photo published by the New York Post

To the hospital

She said she bet $50 to eat the slice, but over time she felt a burning sensation in her stomach and was eventually taken to hospital, where she was given various medications that took hours to relieve her severe pain.

US states such as California, Texas and Alabama have reportedly seen hospitalizations due to the chip.

While school districts in states, including Georgia and Colorado, have warned parents to take the challenge after many students missed school due to illness to take it.

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