“Horrible and revolting people”: scathing attack on Harry and Meghan

“Horrible and revolting people”: scathing attack on Harry and Meghan
“Horrible and revolting people”: scathing attack on Harry and Meghan

Two days after the funeral of the British Queen Elizabeth II and amid reports of tension between the palace and the Dukes of Sussex, the barrage of criticism towards Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry, refuses to stop. This time it’s the Australian senator Holly Hughes, who attacked Markle and the grandson of the queen who passed away at the age of 96, saying that she was tired of the couple whom she called “terrible and revolting people”.

Buried next to her husband Philip: Queen Elizabeth was laid to rest

While billions around the world were preparing for the funeral, in Britain it was reported that Prince Harry and Meghan “were not invited” to the state reception held for world leaders at Buckingham Palace a day before the funeral.

According to the reports, the couple, who went independent and broke away from the royal family in January 2020, were “confused” by the decision not to include them in the list of invitees.

Sky News presenter Chris Smith argued that Harry and Meghan should not be confused because they put themselves in this situation, prompting Senator Hughes to go on the attack against the pair.

Hughes blamed Markle for the couple’s distance from the royal family and claimed that she believed Harry would regret the move in the future. “I think he made a terrible mistake and it had a terrible effect on him. I hope for the day when he asks himself, ‘What did I do?’. Megan is just a terrible person. It’s really shameful. I’m tired of both of them.”

About the book that the prince is supposed to publish, she said: “I don’t know what’s going on with the book. Apparently they’re going through their podcasts and trying to take out parts where Markle said very unkind things about the queen.”

Hughes also said that the Dukes are “terrible and revolting people” and added that she agrees with the fact that they were not invited to the reception and hopes that they “will not be invited to many other things”.

At the same time, she was surprised by the number of invitations the Duke and Duchess of Sussex received for official events following the Queen’s death.

Queen Elizabeth’s funeral (Photo: Reuters)

“They wanted a private life, they no longer wanted to be part of the royal family in the sense that they were,” she said. “They transferred themselves to the United States and used every opportunity they had to smear the queen, but also the entire royal family and the role it plays.”

“They wanted a lower profile, they didn’t want that kind of life for their children. They seem to be worried that their children might not get the royal titles, which is a bit strange to me,” she continued.

“They decided they didn’t want to be senior royals, they wanted their privacy and independence, and that has consequences. You didn’t want the duty and the responsibility – you won’t get the other things either,” Hughes concluded.

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