Iranian government websites are exposed to hacking… “We have come to you!”

Iranian government websites are exposed to hacking… “We have come to you!”
Iranian government websites are exposed to hacking… “We have come to you!”
In conjunction with the demonstrations and protests that took place in many cities in Iran on Tuesday night, local activists reported that government websites had been hacked.

They also made it clear that a number of websites and Internet systems belonging to Iranian official institutions were hacked, so that access to them became inaccessible, vowing more, and pointing out that the hackers wrote the phrase “We came to you or wait for us.”

While some confirmed that the account and website of the Government Spokesperson’s Office was subjected to a cyber attack, they took a picture of the hack at the moment.

It seems that this attack did not last long, as a search on the official website showed that he had returned to his usual work.

This cyber attack comes as many cities in the country, especially in Shiraz and the capital, Tehran, and others, witnessed during the past hours protests condemning the killing of the Karaji girl, Hamsa Amini, after she was arrested last week by what is known as the religious police or the “moral police”, after which she suffered a stroke that was transferred to She was transferred to Kesra Hospital in Tehran. Then what I wore that she died.

Meanwhile, Iranian Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi claimed that the 22-year-old had pre-existing health problems and underwent brain surgery when she was five years old. However, her father denied these allegations completely and in detail, stressing that she was fine before her arrest.

It also comes months after another cyber targeting of some institutions in Iran, where several state radio and television channels were hacked last March, including Channel One, Radio “Payam”, Radio “Juan” and Radio “Al Qur’an”, for a period of about 10 seconds, as It broadcast slogans and images against the officials of the Iranian regime.

Reports from within the Iranian Radio and Television Corporation at the time indicated that a number of its officials and employees were dismissed and interrogated in the wake of the cyber attacks.

As for the broader attack, it was last October 2021, and it affected the national refueling system, as the refueling of vehicles was cut off for a long time.

A number of electronic billboards were also hacked in Karaj and other cities, including Isfahan, and slogans were raised against the Iranian leader, Ali Khamenei.

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