“Snapshots of a brutal attack on a nurse in Algeria”?.. Moroccan websites reveal the truth

“Snapshots of a brutal attack on a nurse in Algeria”?.. Moroccan websites reveal the truth
“Snapshots of a brutal attack on a nurse in Algeria”?.. Moroccan websites reveal the truth

Users on social media circulated an image that their publishers claimed was of Tartous Beach, on Friday, September 23, 2022, coinciding with the Syrian and Lebanese authorities’ announcement of the killing of dozens of illegal immigrants off the Syrian coast. However, the claim is incorrect, as the photo is old, and it is of a drowning incident off the Turkish coast in 2015.

The picture shows clothes and shoes along the beach.

The accompanying comment stated, “This is how the Tartous beach became this morning… The clothes of the victims of the boat carrying Syrians and Lebanese were thrown ashore by the sea.”

Social media activists and questions shared the image with misleading information

The spread of this image began to collect dozens of posts and comments on Facebook and Twitter, coinciding with the announcement by the Syrian and Lebanese authorities that dozens were killed in the sinking of a boat carrying illegal immigrants off the Syrian coast, while 20 people were rescued.

The death toll is the highest since the beginning of the illegal immigration phenomenon, which has been active in recent years from northern Lebanon.

It began with Syrian and Palestinian refugees, before the Lebanese joined them in the wake of the economic crisis that the country has been witnessing for nearly three years.

This year, boats sank at sea after setting off from northern Lebanon, killing dozens of people. The sinking of a boat carrying dozens in April sparked widespread discontent in Lebanon.

However, the photo has nothing to do with the recent drowning incident.

A search through search engines showed that it was published on the “Alami” photo site on September 2, 2015 for the purposes of illegal Syrian immigrants who drowned off the Turkish coast.

On September 2, 2015, a boat loaded with Syrian refugees sank off the luxury tourist resort of Bodrum in southern Turkey, while on its way to the Greek island of Kos, the gateway to the European Union.

The three-year-old boy, Aylan, whose picture of his corpse lying on the Turkish beach caused a great shock around the world, and his mother, brother and nine other refugees died in the accident.

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