Washington announces measures to facilitate Iranian access to the Internet

Washington announces measures to facilitate Iranian access to the Internet
Washington announces measures to facilitate Iranian access to the Internet

Washington announced Friday that it has eased technology export restrictions imposed on Iran to expand access to internet services that the government has severely restricted, amid a crackdown on week-long demonstrations over the death of a young woman in morals police custody.

The US Treasury considered that Tehran’s blocking of the Internet was an attempt to “prevent the world from witnessing its violent campaign against peaceful protesters.”

Deputy Treasury Secretary Wali Adeemo said in a statement that the new measure would allow technology companies “to expand the range of internet services available to Iranians.”

The statement said that while the Iranian government is blocking its people’s access to the global Internet, the United States is taking measures to support the free flow of information and access to it by the Iranian people.

The updated procedures will allow technology companies to provide the Iranian people with more choices of secure external platforms and services.

“As brave Iranians take to the streets to protest Mahsa Amini’s death, the United States is redoubling its support for the free flow of information to the Iranian people,” Ademo said.

“Today, the Treasury Department is announcing the expansion of Internet services available to Iranians, and through these changes, we are helping the Iranian people to be better prepared to counter the government’s efforts to censor them.”

According to the same statement, these measures provide additional facilities for services that support communication tools to help ordinary Iranians resist repressive internet censorship and monitoring tools deployed by the Iranian regime.

The measures include facilitating access to social media platforms, collaboration platforms, and video conferencing, as well as facilitating access to tools that include communication functions such as online maps, online games, e-learning platforms, machine translation, and others.

These actions also include licensing anti-virus and anti-malware software; anti-tracking software for mobile operating systems and related software; anti-censorship tools; In addition to VPN software; and related programmes.

The statement said in this regard: “These tools protect the ability of Iranians to engage in freedom of expression and resist regime oppression.”

These measures also include technical facilities for “case-by-case” licensing, to allow Iranian developers to create native anti-surveillance and censorship applications, which many Iranians rely on to “circumvent” local Internet controls.

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