democracy? YMR Shi Dorsh from photographers: immediately provide photographs of two weddings

democracy? YMR Shi Dorsh from photographers: immediately provide photographs of two weddings
democracy? YMR Shi Dorsh from photographers: immediately provide photographs of two weddings

The police demand from two event photographers to receive from them photos they took during two different weddings of settlers in Yosh. In the letter sent by attorney Menashe Yado, who represents the photographers on behalf of Honnu, he claims that there is no justification for violating the privacy of the photographers and their families.

These are two event photographers who recently photographed two different weddings in different places.

This week, the two photographers received calls from Mayor Shi in the police where they were required to transfer the wedding photos to them.

In a letter to the commander of YMR and the Jewish nationalist crime ombudsman, Advocate Yado wrote that these are professional, law-abiding photographers who do not intend to violate an order duly given by the Israel Police. However, they do not intend to do anything as long as the appeal is made contrary to the law and without a court order.

It was also stated in the letter that the photos are not the property of the photographers but of the happy owners who hired their services. Also, the exposure of the photographs may lead to a violation of the privacy of those photographed at the event, therefore the photographers do not intend to agree to hand over anything that does not belong to them and may harm unrelated people.

Also, advocate Yado writes, that people’s privacy should not be entered, even if there is a court order, but without prior agreement. According to him, the photographers are already aware of the IMR’s desire to receive the materials, and intend to cooperate if there is a warrant, therefore there is no need to enter their home without permission and coordination.

At the end of the letter, Attorney Yado clarifies that the two photographers retain the right to their privacy and to act as much as the law allows them to avoid handing over the photos they took. Also, they request that this letter be attached to every request from a court to obtain orders, in order to clarify to the judges the ways in which the police tried to obtain the materials illegally.

This is in addition to the fact that these are two law-abiding citizens and therefore he wishes to act in their case properly and not unjustifiably harm their rights.

Attorney Menashe Yado: “This is a blatant and blatant invasion of the family’s privacy and the family’s freedom to document an event without fearing that the police will try to use the documentation to cover up the couple’s statements. Every day I am amazed by the police’s helplessness against rampant and intensifying Arab crime, and on the other hand by the disproportionate police aggressiveness, the sensitivity and justification in relation to the Jews.”

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