Türkiye’s elections… Youth and women have stopped favoring the contestants

Türkiye’s elections… Youth and women have stopped favoring the contestants
Türkiye’s elections… Youth and women have stopped favoring the contestants

Many Turks consider that the main candidates for the elections, the leader of the ruling Justice and Development Party, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the leader of the opposition People’s Party, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, were unable to reach them well, and that the withdrawing candidate, Muharram Ince, was closest to the youth segment, who said before his withdrawal that “if People between the ages of 15 and 18 could vote, and I won the election uncontested.”
In recent days, both Erdogan and Kiljdaroglu have focused on the youth, especially the groups that are voting for the first time, whose number exceeds 5 million voters, representing more than 7.5 percent of the total number of voters estimated by the High Elections Commission to be more than 64 million voters. Perhaps they will win the votes that would have gone to Muharram Inja.
Most of the Turkish youth generation was born after the Justice and Development Party came to power in 2002, which makes its information about what the country was like before it limited, which makes most members of this generation indifferent to what the ruling party considers the achievements, which prompted President Erdogan to focus on their demands during His electoral program, and in the mass meetings he held in the states.
Erdogan confirmed the provision of 6 million new jobs within 5 years, and work to reduce the unemployment rate to 7 percent, in addition to raising the per capita national income to 16 thousand dollars annually, repeating what was included in his electoral program by granting a loan of 150 thousand Turkish liras to those coming to Marriage without interest, provided that the installments are paid after two years, and that he will establish a “Family and Youth Bank” from the proceeds of the natural gas and oil produced by the country.

Most of Türkiye’s youth were born after the AKP came to power

In view of the youth’s dissatisfaction with the high taxes on technical devices, and their reactions towards refugees, Erdogan promised to remove the interview system in employment in the government sector, exempt university students from taxes when purchasing mobile phones and computers for the first time, and change his party’s policies towards immigrants by working to reduce immigration rates, And the distribution of immigrants in the states in proportions compatible with the needs of agriculture and industry.

Presidential and parliamentary elections will be held on the same day (Efrem Aydin / Anadolu Agency)

Turkish Fahri Ait (32 years old), from the Fatih district of Istanbul, indicates that Erdogan’s popularity has increased among young people during the recent period, and that many young people will vote for him after the People’s Party’s “machination” against Muharram Ince, adding in an interview with Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, “Promises to improve living conditions, raise the minimum wage, and raise wages for government sector workers have increased youth turnout to participate in the elections, while a large number of them were hesitant in the past. Muharram Ince’s withdrawal slapped the youth, and it is likely that most of them will vote for Erdogan.”
University student Pervan Shaheen (22 years old) says that Turkish youth are interested in politics and economics, but their interest in their freedom comes first, so I prefer to go towards the election of Kemal Kilgadaroglu because he promised Turkey’s return to the Istanbul Convention against violence against women, and granting freedom to all, including Including homosexuals, he did not talk about banning the veil according to the traditions of his party, but rather promised a law that would guarantee that right.
Shaheen added, speaking to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, that she was going to vote for candidate Muharrem Inge, but his withdrawal made her choose the opposition candidate, saying that “twenty years of rule for justice and development is sufficient. Turkey needs change, and this opinion is prevalent among the majority of the younger generation.”

The Turkish electoral struggle is raging to an unprecedented degree (Aziz Karimov/Getty)

The six Turkish opposition parties focused on youth through social policies in their electoral programs, and Turkish analyst Bakir Atacjdan believes that “the opposition programs focused on abolishing the presidential system and returning to the parliamentary system that was approved before 2018, and this pleased many, in addition to a new judicial system, and the release The opposition also promises to promote freedoms, abolish the crime of insulting the president, defend the rights of women, including the freedom to veil, and respect the freedoms of all, including homosexuality.
And the Turkish analyst added, “The ruling party’s program addresses the mind, and focuses on Turkey’s strength and continued development. This has more lasting effects because playing on emotions will not work, while promises of soft loans, securing job opportunities and increasing wages have a greater impact. Erdogan prefers preserving Turkey’s traditions.” Islam, and this comforts many, but it does not suit some.
Atacjdan reveals that “laws prevent the publication of opinion polls ten days before the elections, to prevent any influence on voters, which makes everything said about changing opinions unreliable, but according to previous polls, about 54.7 percent of young people did not support the presidential system and the president.” Erdogan, and this does not mean that they support the candidate of the six-party table, but rather that most of them supported Muharrem Ince.
The Turkish researcher adds that “the electoral programs, and then the field visits that the two main candidates made to the major cities, changed the mood of the Turkish street, because the voter faced the candidates and heard the promises for himself, and it is not easy to evade the implementation of those promises in Turkish democracy.”

The vote of Turks abroad preceded the elections (Ozge Elif Kizil / Anatolia)

Women’s votes are no less numerous and important than the votes of youth, given that more than half of Turkey’s youth are female, and observers believe that concern for women and the family dominated the candidates’ programs, leading to the transformation of the competition between Erdogan and Kildaroglu over women’s votes, which made them abandon each other The principles of their two parties. While the candidate of the “Six-Party Table” was keen on the appearance of veiled girls during his campaign, and he is the descendant of the secular People’s Party that is hostile to the veil, the candidate of the “People’s Alliance” pledged more freedoms for women, and his party nominated the former Miss Turkey, Sida Saribash, among its lists for the parliamentary elections. .
The number of women in Turkey exceeds the number of males. Among the population of more than 85 million people, according to the government statistics agency, the number of females is 42,628,000, while the number of males is 42,452,000.
Tafeeda Akan (46 years old), from the state of Kayseri, believes that “it is not permissible to look at women through Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, as the women of the south and Anatolia are influential, although their number is less than the major cities, but the media and opinion polls reduce Turkish women to urban women.” “. She added, in an interview with Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, that “women came to the fore in the candidates’ programs, and what was taken from the parties until the 2018 elections has disappeared in this session. “It has become a contest between Erdoğan and Kıldaroğlu. I will vote for the AKP, but many young people will vote for the opposition because they want change.”

Academic Zahra Koçer (29 years old) announces her support for the opposition and its candidate Kıldadar Oglu, stating that the opposition electoral program addresses women in detail, while President Erdogan’s program did not give women special importance, but rather included them within the family in general. She adds, “The Justice and Development Party has become a traditional party, and it rarely takes the demands of women and youth into account, as it is preoccupied with military industries and conflicts with the countries of the world, which caused a decline in relations with the European Union, and the opposition candidate promised to restore those relations and work for the country’s accession to the EU.” the Union”.
Many criticize the focus of attention on the presidential elections and ignoring the parliamentary elections that will take place on the same day, with the promises of the competing parties to raise the share of women in Parliament. Funda Akgul, a member of the Republican People’s Party (41 years old), says that the parliamentary elections are very important, especially if the opposition wins and abolishes the presidential system and the Turkish parliament returns to its legislative and oversight role, noting that the opposition is more open to women, and the Islamic Felicity Party or the party has no influence. The future depends on the opposition’s programmes, because the six-party table is in agreement to bring down the Justice and Development Party and return to the parliamentary system.
For her part, member of the Justice and Development Party, academic Aisha Nour, believes that “politicians in general have tended, since two previous sessions, to increase the representation of women in parliament and grant them political roles through ministries and diplomatic representation, and in addition to the fact that the parties law imposes the representation of women, there is a strong desire of women to participate With political and partisan action, the Justice and Development Party has sought, since 2002, to nominate a woman for every three men, and there are female vice-presidents of the party, and there are women who head branches, committees, and organizational work.”