Iran’s movement began to turn into a revolution

Iran’s movement began to turn into a revolution
Iran’s movement began to turn into a revolution

As the demonstrations that erupted in Iran following the killing of the Kurdish young woman, Mahsa Amini, entered their third month without interruption, the head of Israeli military intelligence, Major General Aharon Haliva, considered that this movement had already begun to turn into something like a popular uprising, or revolution.

But he made it clear at the same time, during a speech at the Institute for National Security Research at Tel Aviv University, that he does not see a “real danger” to the Iranian regime at the present time.

Something disturbing the system

“When you look at some of the incidents, and even the timing of their occurrence, and the damage to the institutions and symbols of the authority, and the number of deaths, there is something different going on here that deeply disturbs the regime,” he added.

Police to disperse protests in Tehran (archive – Associated Press)

However, he warned that “predicting the behavior of the masses is not possible for the head of the Military Intelligence Service,” according to Reuters.

The protests that have swept across the country since the killing of 22-year-old Amini in mid-September after she was detained by the morality police have not subsided until now, entering its third month.

However, it reached its peak during the last period, in the areas where the ten million Kurds live in Iran.

While the security forces confronted the protesters with repressive and violent methods, which led to hundreds of deaths, including dozens of children.

It is noteworthy that Israel, which has been engaged in a decades-old Cold War-like conflict with Iran, monitors developments, while seeking to persuade world powers to tighten their diplomatic means aimed at curbing the nuclear program of its arch-rival.

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