Germany shifts its focus from the Iranian nuclear to supporting the protests

Germany shifts its focus from the Iranian nuclear to supporting the protests
Germany shifts its focus from the Iranian nuclear to supporting the protests
confirmed speaker Basim Ministry external German Monday, that dullness agree with the states United in Transformation its focus Away From Biology the agreement Nuclear Iranian to me to support the people Iranian in Confrontation oppression violent From The state for protests the crowd. “We are already moving along the same tracks,” the spokesman said at a routine government press conference, adding that “currently, our focus is on supporting the Iranian people and putting pressure on the Iranian ruling regime to stop suppressing the rights of its people.”

Talks to revive the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers have been deadlocked since September, with Western powers accusing the Islamic Republic of making irrational demands after all sides seemed close to reaching an agreement.

Anti-government demonstrations erupted in Iran in September due to the death of the young Iranian woman, Mahsa Amini, while she was in police custody, who arrested her for what she said was a violation of the dress code in the Islamic Republic.

The European Union, the United States, Canada and Britain imposed sanctions over human rights violations, in addition to selling drones to Russia since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Protests are not dangerous
In the same context, the head of the Israeli Military Intelligence Division, “Aman” Aharon Halifa, considered on Monday that the protests shaking Iran have begun to turn into something like a “popular uprising,” noting that they do not pose a “real danger” to the Iranian regime at the present time, claiming that Iran Continued progress in its nuclear project, while stressing that Moscow has not imposed any restrictions on the aggressive attacks carried out by Israel in Syria.

During his participation in a conference organized by the Institute for National Security Research at Tel Aviv University, the head of “Aman” criticized the “international silence” regarding what he described as “Iranian violations,” and said that “the Iranians are making progress in the nuclear program without provoking the anger of society.” international”.

Halifa stressed that the nuclear agreement signed with Iran in 2015 “is no longer appropriate in the current circumstances,” stressing the need to “open a completely different dialogue to reach an improved and different nuclear agreement. You can start talking about the use of force against Iran or about an agreement with completely different terms than what been discussed so far.

He expected Iran to start raising uranium enrichment above 60 percent during the coming period through advanced centrifuges, and considered that “only then, will discussions begin in the international community about Iran’s transformation into a nuclear threshold state and its proximity to developing nuclear weapons.”

He claimed that Israel is “acting alone against Iran,” and refused to anticipate the decisions that the political leadership in Israel would take in light of the security recommendations presented to it.

With regard to the freedom of Israeli military operations in Syria, the head of the Israeli Military Intelligence Division claimed that he “does not monitor at this time an interference with Israel’s freedom of action in the face of the urgent operational need on the northern front.”

As for the protests in Iran, he said, “When you look at some of the incidents, even the timing of their occurrence, and the damage to the institutions and symbols of power, and the number of deaths, there is something different going on here that deeply disturbs the regime.” He continued, “I do not see a danger to the regime at the current stage,” but he warned that “predicting the behavior of the masses is not possible for the head of the Military Intelligence Service.”

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